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The War Games: Episode Ten

The War Games: Episode Nine

The War Games: Episode Eight

The War Games: Episode Seven

The War Games: Episode Six

The scientist examines the captured resistance fighters and realises Jamie is a new arrival on the planet while the Doctor, Zoe and Carstairs try to rescue their friends.

The War Games: Episode Five

The Doctor attempts to rescue Zoe and Carstairs while Jamie and Lady Jennifer try to convince the resistance of the true nature of Von Weich and the others.

The War Games: Episode Four

The Doctor and Zoe are transported to the control centre of the war games while Jamie and Lady Jennifer fall foul of American Revolution soldiers.

The War Games: Episode Three

The Doctor and his friends realise the area is divided into different time zones and decide to return to the château to obtain a map from Smythe.

The War Games: Episode Two

The Doctor and Zoe manage to escape from Ransom and attempt to rescue Jamie from the military prison.

The War Games: Episode One

The Doctor, Jamie and Zoe realise they have arrived in the trenches of the First World War, where the sinister General Smythe accuses them of espionage.

The Space Pirates: Episode 6

With Clancey and Issigri trapped aboard the LIZ, the Doctor, Jamie and Zoe try to convince Madeleine to help them before Caven destroys Ta.

The Space Pirates: Episode 5

Madeleine is revealed to be working with Caven, who comes up with a way to kill the Doctor and his friends whilst framing them for the piracy.

The Space Pirates: Episode 4

The Doctor, Jamie and Zoe are held prisoner by the space pirates while Caven comes up with a plan to throw suspicion onto Clancey.

The Space Pirates: Episode 3

The Doctor, Jamie and Zoe flee from the Space Corps with Clancey, who decides to seek refuge on Ta.

The Space Pirates: Episode Two

The Space Pirates: Episode 1

Space beacons are being destroyed by pirates, who are salvaging the argonite metal. When the Doctor, Jamie and Zoe arrive on one of the beacons, they are mistaken for pirates.

The Seeds of Death: Episode Six

The Doctor manages to create a rain storm to destroy the Martian fungus before trying to find a way to stop the Ice Warriors' invasion fleet.

The Seeds of Death: Episode Five

The Doctor and his allies manage to return to Earth via T-mat only to find the Ice Warrior has attacked the weather control station.

The Seeds of Death: Episode Four

The Ice Warriors' seed pods beginning materialising all over the globe while Slaar decides to kill the Doctor by T-matting him into space.

The Seeds of Death: Episode Three

The Doctor, Jamie and Zoe make it to the moon and join forces with Phipps but the Ice Warriors have gained control of T-mat.

The Seeds of Death: Episode Two

Eldred agrees to supply a rocket for travel to the moon and the Doctor, Jamie and Zoe volunteer to crew it.

The Seeds of Death: Episode One

21st century Earth is entirely dependent on the T-Mat transport system but the control centre on the moon has stopped functioning. Meanwhile, the Doctor, Jamie and Zoe meet the one man who can solve the crisis.

The Krotons: Episode Four

Selris succeeds in drawing the Krotons out of the Dynatrope but Eelek agrees to hand the Doctor and Zoe over to them in return for their leaving the planet.

The Krotons: Episode Three

Jamie is held prisoner by the Krotons who intend to recapture the Doctor and Zoe for their mental energy.

The Krotons: Episode Two

Zoe is selected as a companion for the Krotons and the Doctor insists on joining her.

The Krotons: Episode One

The TARDIS lands on the planet of the Gonds, a primitive and enslaved people. Every year, two of the finest Gond students are sent to be 'companions' of the mysterious and unseen Krotons. But the Doctor reveals that only death awaits them.

The Invasion: Episode Eight

The Invasion: Episode Seven

The Invasion: Episode Six

The Invasion: Episode Five