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The Evil of the Daleks: Episode 7

The Daleks are poised to spread the Dalek Factor throughout the history of Earth and begin by implanting the Doctor.

The Evil of the Daleks: Episode 6

The Doctor, Jamie and Waterfield follow the Daleks to Skaro, where they discover an unforeseen consequence to their experiment.

The Evil of the Daleks: Episode 5

With the experiment at an end, the Doctor begins to suspect the key to rescuing Jamie, Victoria and Kemel from the Daleks lies with Terrall.

The Evil of the Daleks: Episode 4

Jamie and Kemel team up to try and find Victoria, while the Doctor and the Daleks continue to monitor their progress.

The Evil of the Daleks: Episode 3

As part of the Daleks' experiment, the Doctor manipulates Jamie into attempting to rescue Victoria.

The Evil of the Daleks: Episode 2

The Doctor and Jamie investigate Waterfield's antiques shop, where they are knocked unconscious and transported back to the 19th century.

The Evil of the Daleks: Episode 1

Trying to find the stolen TARDIS, the Second Doctor and Jamie are lured into a trap by the Doctor's old enemies the Daleks.

The Faceless Ones: Episode 6

The Doctor and Pinto are captured by the Chameleons but the Doctor manages to use their dependence on their human originals to create dissent in their ranks.

The Faceless Ones: Episode 5

Jamie finds himself aboard the Chameleons' satellite and meets their Director while the Doctor forces the Chameleon Meadows to tell him the aliens' plans.

The Faceless Ones: Episode 4

When Spencer attempts to kill them, the Doctor, Jamie and Sam become convinced Chameleon Tours are hiding something and Sam decides to book a ticket on one of their flights.

The Faceless Ones: Episode 3

The Doctor, Jamie and Sam manage to convince Crossland to trust them and he persuades the Commandant to let them continue their investigation.

The Faceless Ones: Episode 2

With Polly having apparently forgotten them, the Doctor, Ben and Jamie decide to carry out their own investigation of Chameleon Tours.

The Faceless Ones: Episode 1

The TARDIS materialises on the runway of Gatwick Airport, where Polly witnesses a murder only to be kidnapped before she can report it.

The Macra Terror: Episode 4

The Doctor and Polly manage to save Jamie from the Macra and then try to show the Pilot who is really in charge of the colony.

The Macra Terror: Episode 3

The Doctor, Polly and Jamie are sentenced to work in the pits and an escape attempt sees Ben's loyalties called into question again.

The Macra Terror: Episode 2

The Doctor is unable to convince the colonists that the Macra exist and an attempt to brainwash his companions results in Ben betraying his friends.

The Macra Terror: Episode 1

The TARDIS arrives at a holiday camp company with the crew worried by a prediction of giant crabs and the Doctor becomes interested in the apparent madman Medok's stories of creatures that roam the colony at night.

The Moonbase: Episode 4

With the Cybermen preparing to launch a full attack, the Doctor and his friends must keep the Moonbase and the Gravitron out of their hands until help arrives from Earth.

The Moonbase: Episode 3

The Cybermen take over the Moonbase and begin using the Gravitron to attack Earth but Polly, Ben and Jamie come up with a way to fight back.

The Moonbase: Episode 2

The Doctor and his friends attempt to convince the Moonbase crew that the Cybermen are responsible for the disappearances and find a cure for the plague.

The Moonbase: Episode 1

The TARDIS arrives on the Moon in the year 2070. When Jamie is injured, the other travellers are forced to seek the help of a moonbase afflicted with a space plague.

The Underwater Menace: Episode 4

With Zaroff's plan nearing completion, the Doctor and Ben realise the only way to save the world is to destroy Atlantis.

The Underwater Menace: Episode 3

The Doctor and Ramo are sentenced to be sacrificed to the goddess Amdo and must escape to put a stop to Zaroff's plan.

The Underwater Menace: Episode 2

While Ara tries to save Polly from being turned into a Fish Person and Ben and Jamie try to escape from the mines, the Doctor discovers the full extent of Zaroff's plans.

The Underwater Menace: Episode 1

The Tardis materializes on a stretch of deserted beach. The Doctor and his companions are then captured and taken to the mysterious lost city of Atlantis.

The Highlanders: Episode 4

Ben manages to join up with the Doctor, Polly and Kirsty and together they work to free the Highlanders from Trask's ship before Grey sells them into slavery.

The Highlanders: Episode 3

With the Highlanders imprisoned aboard Trask's ship, the Doctor attempts to expose Grey's plan.

The Highlanders: Episode 2

Polly and Kirsty capture Lieutenant Ffinch to try and enlist his help while the Doctor tricks Gray in order to escape.

The Highlanders: Episode 1

The Doctor, Polly and Ben arrive in 1746, in the aftermath of the Battle of Culloden, and are captured by a group of Highlanders shortly before they themselves are captured by redcoats.

The Power of the Daleks: Episode Six