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Episode 313: Officer Trek;Dino Rocks

21min - Trek dreams that he and his Mom are Police Officers on The Case of the Missing Fish! Can they figure out who stole Fisherman Bobby's fish? Trek is blown away when he sees a Psittacosaurus eating rocks. Trek's determined to find out what the dino's doing and, with a little help from Grandma, Trek learns that the Psittacosaurus didn't eat rocks but that rocks help them digest their food.

Episode 312: Train of Dinos;Switched at nest

21min - Trek goes over to play model trains with Hannah and her Dad. Using the model train set backdrop they imagine what it would be like if dinosaurs lived amongst us today. Trek is amazed when he sees an Edmontosaurus laying her egg in a Triceratops nest. He learns that some animals will lay their eggs in the nests of animals that can do a better job of protecting their babies.

Episode 311: Cowboys vs. Dinosaurs;Survival of the Biggest

21min - Trek tells his friends a story about a small western town being scared by a Therizinosaurus and how Deputy Hannah saved the day! While Penelope's home sick, Trek investigates why herbivores like the Dracorex, Euoplocephalus or the Brachiosaurus stick together in a giant migrating herd.

Episode 310: Dino Talk;Paws and Claws

21min - When Trek accidentally throws Doug's favourite ball onto to the roof of the garage he tries to get a Dromaeosaurus to knock it down. When Doug buries Mom's police badge in the backyard, Trek learns that the Therizinosaurus used its claws for defense, stripping leaves off trees and (coincidentally) for digging up roots.

Episode 309: Pterosaur Picnic;Sabre Tooth Doug

21min - When Liam takes Trek and Penelope with him on a picnic with his friend Jordan, Trek tries to complete Dino Experiment #314 "What did pterosaur nests look like?" He ends up dragging Penelope, Liam and Jordan all over the park to get it solved. While making a video presentation for school Trek and Hannah imagine that Doug is a prehistoric mammal trying to survive amongst the dinosaurs.

Episode 308: Flight of the Pterodaustro;Trekules

21min - When Hannah's Dad takes Trek and Hannah to fly remote control helicopters, Trek uses the opportunity to learn about the Pterodaustro. When Mr. Paluxy teaches the kids about Greek heroes who would take on mythical beasts, Trek tells a story about "Trekules", a Greek hero who had to go up against dinosaurs!

Episode 307: Micro Dino;Meteor Survivors

21min - Trek is figuring out if the Microraptor was a carnivore or a herbivore by setting up elaborate traps around the house. However, Trek is repeatedly interrupted by Doug and Mom. Trek tells a story about a time-traveling Dino Mobile that goes back in time to see how some prehistoric creatures survived the meteorite crash that is believed to have made the dinosaurs extinct.

Episode 306: Dino BBQ;Show and Dino

21min - While Grandma's taking care of Trek, she decides to make BBQ for dinner but dinosaurs and pterosaurs keep stealing the food. When Trek forgets to bring something for show and tell, he's in a mad dash to find something. When he spots a Psittacosaurus in the schoolyard he realizes one of its defensive tail quills would be perfect. But first, he's got to figure out how to get one!

Episode 305: Brainy Dino;Trekoodon

21min - Mrs. Paluxy runs rats through a maze for her science class experiment and gives Trek an idea for how to figure out Dino Experiment 320. While helping out at Penelope's parents pet store Trek convinces Penelope that the Troodon is the coolest dinosaur ever by telling her a story about Trekoodon, a crafty Troodon, who dealt with fierce herbivores more than 65 million years ago.

Episode 304: Dino Surviror School;Tyrannosaurus Trek

21min - Trek teaches a baby T-rex how to hunt while Bobby tries to teach Doug how to use his new dog treat dispenser. Grandma helps Trek with his homework for art class and together they create a comic book entitled "Tyrannosaurus Trek" about a caveman superhero who saves all the dinosaurs when a volcano erupts.

Episode 303: Trek Rex;Dino Climbers

23min - Mom agrees to sew Trek's costume for his Birthday Party Costume Extravaganza but he keeps changing his mind about which herbivore he wants to dress up as! At Mom's climbing gym, Trek learns which prehistoric creatures could climb while Bobby conquers his fear of heights

Episode 302: Dinobusters

21min - When his friends come over, Trek tells them the story of a haunted house, which turns out to not have ghosts, but sure has dinosaurs! Who ya gonna call? Dinobusters!

Episode 301: Team Dino;Use Your Dino Senses

21min - Trek learns that he can see dinosaurs, just like his older brother Dan. When Trek's teacher, Ms. Carver, sets up a scavenger hunt based on the five senses (touch, hear, see, smell and taste) around the classroom and the schoolyard, Trek enlists the dinosaurs that use their sensory skills to help him win!