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Episode 213: Where The Donosaurs Are

23min - While Dan and his friends have a sleepover at the Royal Ontario Museum, Dan has to get a T-rex claw back from some wiiy dinosaurs before the museum opens in the morning.

Episode 212: Down on the Farm;Time Traveller's Dino

22min - When Grandma takes Dan to the farm, he finds some downy feathers and sets out to prove that it belongs to the Compsognathus. Cory and his Dad build a time machine out of a refrigerator box and it inspires Dan to tell the story of when Time Traveller Cory and his robot D.A.D. travelled to the time of the dinos.

Episode 211: Dino Strike;Nothing Buth the Tooth

22min - Uncle Jack takes Dan and Trek bowling and Dan protects some Stygimoloch eggs from two hungry Dromaeosauruses. Dan finds a large dinosaur tooth and tries to figure out if it belongs to a T-rex or a Spinosaurus with the help of his vet.

Episode 210: Mini Dino;Three Little Paleontologists

22min - When Dan goes mini-golfing with Cory and his Dad some pesky dinosaurs steal Dan's lucky ball and Dan has to get it back. Based on the Three Little Pigs, Dan tells the story of The Three Little Paleontologists Kami, Jordan and Angie and what material would make the best dino-watching fort.

Episode 209: Hat Hat, Long Neck;Roaring Good Time

22min - Dan explores dinosaur sounds when he tries to get a Triceratops snort on tape.

Episode 208: Captain Cory;Dino Race

22min - Dan tells the story of how the brave pirate Captain Cory, his first matey Jordan, and his pirate cook Ricardo find treasure on Dino Island. Grandma takes Dan and Trek Go-Karting and Dan figures out which herbivore is the fastest: the Stygimoloch, the Triceratops or the Edmontosaurus.

Episode 207: Dino Watering Hole;DinoDance

22min - Dan builds a watering hole that attracts three baby dinos into his backyard, too bad he and Trek are stuck inside cleaning their rooms. Dan learns how to make his gym class dance unit fun by incorporating different dinosaur movements into his dance routine.

Episode 206: The Dino Did It;Air Dino

22min - Dan tells a detective story with Ricardo as a dinosaur detective, Kami as a dame in distress and Cory as the butler. Who did it? Dinosaurs. In gym class, Dan learns a bit about teamwork and planning from the Dromaeosauruses when he and his friends play Mr. Drumheller in a friendly came of basketball.

Episode 205: Ready? Set? Dino!;To Catch a Dino

22min - During gym class, Dan races a T-rex and a Spinosaurus to see who's the faster carnivore. Dan tells a story of two cave-men, who look a lot like Cory and Ricardo, and their quest to catch a baby T-rex and keep it as a pet.

Episode 204: Prehistoric Zoo;Cops & Dinos

22min - When Grandma takes Dan to the zoo, Dan finds a baby T-rex and tries to get it back to its Mom. Dan's Police Officer Mom comes to school and Dan uses some of his Mom's cool police gear to find out how fast the Dromaeosaurus could run.

Episode 203: Dino Party;Training Wings

22min - It's Dan's birthday and Mom and Trek have a dinosaur surprise for him: a dino scavenger hunt with all his friends! Dan teaches Trek how to ride a bike and teaches a baby Pterodactylus how to fly.

Episode 202: Dino Doug;T-Rex Bedtime

22min - When Dan goes to the grocery store with Mom, it's up to Doug to save a newly hatched baby Edmontosaurus from a Dromaeosaurus. During a camp out in his backyard with Cory and Ricardo, Dan learns whether or not the T-rex was nocturnal.

Episode 201: Fishing For Dinos;Dino Trackers

22min - Dan teaches Uncle Jack how to fish like dinosaurs and pterosaurs. Dan is trying to track a Stegosaurus when Trek wants to join his game. Dan learns sometimes two brains are better than one.

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