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Episode 113: Moody Dino;Twas A Dinosaur

22min - Jim the Reptile Expert returns to Ms. Carver's class with a Chameleon promoting Dan to question if the Stegosaurus could change the colour of its plates. Christmas Special - Dan takes the poem "The Night Before Christmas" and gives it a dinosaur spin.

Episode 112: Stop Motion Dino;To Flee or Not to Flee

22min - The kids make a stop motion animation movie for art class that features the T-rex but Angie and Dan can't seem to agree about certain T-rex "facts". With the help of his substitute teacher Mr. Paluxy, Dan uses acting to figure out why some herbivores flee from carnivores while some stay and fight.

Episode 111: Name-a-saurusWhere's Dino

22min - Dan learns how dinosaurs get their names when he discovers what he thinks is a new dinosaur but is actually the Diplodocus. While at the park with Uncle Jack, Dan finds a feather that he thinks belongs to a Dromaeosaurus. But, before he can prove it, his dog Doug goes missing. Uh-oh.

Episode 110: Dino Trap;Big Bad Spinosaurus

22min - Dan tries to save his Mom's garden from a sneaky Compsognathus by dino-trapping it but ends up trapping a baby T-rex instead. The school bus has a huge dent in it. Dan has three suspects: the Euoplocephalus, the Stegosaurus or the Stygimoloch.

Episode 109: Dino Dent;Active Imagination

22min - The school bus has a huge dent in it. Dan has three suspects: the Euoplocephalus, the Stegosaurus or the Stygimoloch. When a T-rex backs down from a Triceratops, Dan learns that there's more to the T-rex than he knew. It's a hunter and a scavenger!

Episode 108: Copy Dino;Lunch Bag Bandit

22min - Dan teaches a baby Triceratops defensive moves to help it get around a meat-eating Spinosaurus. When Cory's snack goes missing, Dan knows who took it... a Dromaeosaurus.

Episode 107: A Pterosaur in the House;Model Dino

22min - When a Pterodactylus gets stuck in the house it's up to Dan, Mom, Angie and Trek to get it out. Dan uses the art of disguise to get his Remote Dino Cam into a Triceratops nest but the real test comes when a T-rex threatens the safety of the babies.

Episode 106: He Shoots, He Roars;A Winter Tail

22min - Dan figures out how to prove if dinosaurs were warm-blooded from Jim the reptile lizard and his puppet Denny the Dromaeosaurus. Dan wants to see the Euoplocephalus use it's powerful tail and Trek wants to see it snow. Can both Henderson boys get their wish?

Episode 105: The Case of the Mystery Dino;Gas-o-saurus

22min - Dan figures out which dinosaur left a prehistoric coprolite with the help of his friends, Jim the Reptile Expert and Denny the Dromaeosaurus. Kami, Ricardo and Dan learn that dino gas might have helped cause the extinction of the dinosaurs and can't wait to share that info with the class.

Episode 104: Tooth or Consequences;Dinosicles

22min - A routine visit to the Dentist's office becomes a dinosaur experiment when Dan learns how dinosaur teeth shape can help prove if a dinosaur is a herbivore or a carnivore. Dan tests the attack patterns of the Dromaeosaurus, Spinosaurus and T-rex with a snow Triceratops decoy.

Episode 103: There's a Compsognathus Under My Bed;Art for Pterosaurs' Sake

22min - At bedtime, Dan is far more interested in proving that there's a Compsognathus under his bed than in going to sleep. In art class, Dan and his friends are making a kite inspired by the Quetzalcoatlus. The big question is... will it fly?

Episode 102: Masked Confusion;Trouble Clef

22min - Dan makes a mask in Mrs. Hahn's art class to get closer to the Edmontosaurus herd but he needs Angie's help too. Dan uses the French Horn to communicate with a couple Corythosauruses.

Episode 101: The Chicken or the Dino;Bones in the Backyard

22min - Ms. Carver's class gets a new addition in the form of mystery eggs and Dan just knows one of them is a dinosaur egg. When Trek and Tristan find a bone in the schoolyard, Dan uses a paper-mache skull in Mrs. Hahn's art class to figure out if it came from the Stygimoloch.

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