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Sugar Daddy

Christmas Cookies

All I Want for Christmas Is

Sausage Party

Meat eater Adam takes Reante to a sausage-making factory, which flies in the face of Reante's vegan/vegetarian lifestyle. Spiritual life coach Gabriella goes paddle boating with Daniel.

Extra Cheese, Please

Newly fit Joshua takes Govind for a wild romp in the park while they go zorbing. Personal trainer Nathan pays homage to his favorite 80's movie by taking photographer Haley on the perfect pizza making date.

Steamy Down Under

London expat Hannah and Joy hit it off and things get steamy, but not exactly where Hannah expected. Hair model and vegan Devin tries to impose his healthy lifestyle on former beauty queen Lauryn.

Love and Suds

Jamison and Gregorio, a self proclaimed 'adorakable bachelor', get wet and wild at the car wash before heading to a romantic picnic under the sunset.

Twerk in Progress

High-spirited cheer instructor Sakoiya is searching for the well-endowed man of her dreams with Mayowa, a musician who has never cheered before. Chris is eager to find a big bootie'd girl he can twerk with.

Spank You Later

Multi-dimensional spiritual dominatrix Jewel and innocent Abby's worlds collide in a BDSM sex dungeon where things get physical. Kourbine and native Australian Claire try to juggle their date at the circus as well as each other's hearts.

Tased and Confused

Naked and in Love

Love on Crop Top

William climbs to new heights to find love with Andrew on a risky high-wire ropes course. Solomon and Maya go chocolate making on their date, and the night gets sweeter from there.

Tats for Love