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But First, We Save the Galaxy

42min - The crew of the Raza works to prevent the destruction of a space station and prevent an all out corporate war.

Sometimes in Life You Don't Get to Choose

42min - Four's loyalty is put to the test when he attempts to reclaim the throne of Ishida.

Wish I'd Spaced You When I Had the Chance

42min - The crew races against time to track down and locate a missing Three and Five before the Galactic Authority gets to them first.

Take the Shot

42min - Mayhem on the ship sheds light on some crew members' dark pasts.

Going Out Fighting

42min - The crew takes a dangerous mission inside Dwarf Star Technologies in a desperate bid to save their ailing leader.

Stuff to Steal, People to Kill

42min - A Blink Drive test goes awry, propelling the Raza to a parallel reality.

She's One of Them Now

42min - Three crew members infiltrate a highly secure facility with the help of their handler.

We Should Have Seen This Coming

42min - Strapped for cash, the crew follows Nyx's lead on a mission, only to find out the target is personal.

We Voted Not to Space You

42min - The Android goes undercover to help the Raza crew track down a dangerous but familiar foe.

We Were Family

42min - Three reconnects with his former crew while the Android finds herself in unique company.

I've Seen the Other Side of You

42min - The neural link triggers a dangerous glitch and the crew start to turn against each other while hiding out in empty space in an effort to lose the GA.

Kill Them All

42min - Imprisoned in Hyperion-8, the crew must negotiate attempted assassinations, extraditions, and behind-the-scenes machinations as they plot their escape.

Welcome to Your New Home

43min - The crew awakens to find themselves prisoners on the Hyperion-8 Maximum Security Galactic Detention Facility.