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Is it College Yet?

Boxing Daria

21min - The delivery of the family's new refrigerator stirs up repressed childhood memories for Daria and leads to a much-needed talk with her parents.

My Night at Daria's

20min - Rumors swirl at Lawndale High when Tom accidentally spends the night at Daria's house, Jake faces a medical issue, and Daria considers taking her relationship to a new level.

Prize Fighters

21min - Daria has mixed feelings when she applies for a scholarship sponsored by a company known for unethical business practices, and Jane resents the scholarship process.

Aunt Nauseam

21min - Helen agrees to help her niece with her divorce, Jake leaves home to escape Helen and Aunt Rita's bickering, Daria avoids Tom, and Stacy and Tiffany face a fashion dilemma.

Life in the Past Lane

21min - Daria and Jane's friendship is tested when Jane dates an opinionated guy with a love for everything vintage, and Upchuck tries his hand at magic.

One J at a Time

21min - Daria feels apprehensive about inviting Tom to a dinner with her parents, and Quinn has unrealistic expectations when she decides she wants a steady boyfriend.

Art Burn

21min - Jane tries to raise money by selling artwork, Trent has a hard time delegating, and the Fashion Club seeks legal counsel.

Lucky Strike

21min - A teachers' strike at Lawndale High results in Daria instructing Quinn's English class, and teachers turn to Trent and Jane for artistic advice.

The Story of 'D'

21min - Quinn and the Fashion Club look for ways to make a difference, and Daria feels self-conscious when she considers submitting a story to a publication.

Camp Fear

21min - Daria and Quinn attend a camp reunion, Trent does some soul-searching, and Jake and Helen air their grievances while cleaning the garage.

Fat Like Me

21min - The leadership of the Fashion Club faces a shake-up, Daria and Jane make friendly wagers on their classmates and teachers, and Quinn helps Sandi get into shape.

Sappy Anniversary

21min - Daria questions her relationship with Tom as their six-month anniversary approaches, and Jake pursues a new career with an internet start-up.

Fizz Ed

21min - After Lawndale High gets roped into a marketing scheme as a result of school budget cuts, Ms. Li gets in over her head, and Daria takes a stand.