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Four celebrity kid couples vie to take home the Juniors Mirrorball trophy and be crowned the first season champion.


The four remaining kid couples advance to the semi-finals, where they will perform two numbers. The first is a regular couple's dance and the second is a Dance Duo, where the couples split off into two teams in which the winner will accrue additional judges' scores.

Time Machine

The five remaining celebrity kids travel to the past and the future and perform a dance from their chosen era. The couples go back in time to the 1920s, '40s, '50s and '80s, while one takes a peek into the future. At the end of the night, there will be an elimination.

Giving Thanks

The six remaining celebrity kids each dedicate a dance to those who have inspired and impacted their lives.

Juniors Choice

The seven remaining celebrity kids choose the song they dance to; an elimination.

Halloween Night

The remaining celebrity kids don their scariest costumes and perform spooky dances.

Disney Night

The nine remaining celebrity kids transform into characters from their favorite Disney films; one couple goes home.

Song from the Year I Was Born

The 10 remaining celebrity kids each set out to dance to a song that came out the year they were born.

The Premiere

The 12 celebrity kids and their professional junior ballroom dance partners will grace the ballroom floor for the first time, all vying for a chance to win the coveted Mirrorball trophy. Each team will have help along their journey by some of Dancing with the Stars's acclaimed adult pros and troupe members, who will act as mentors to offer guidance and support.

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