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Dogtanian's Dream Comes True

Milady's Revenge

The Imposter

Marco's Mission

The Jungle Adventure

The Shipwreck

Dogtanian and the Blue Falcon

Dogtanian Is Put to the Test

The Chase

The Journey to England

Daggers and Diamonds

Dogtanian Saves the Day

In Search of Juliette

Dogtanian Meets Monsieur Pip

Dogtanian to the Rescue

Dogtanian's Trance

The Great Getaway

Juliette Kidnapped

Juliette's Secret

Dogtanian Meets the King

Dogtanian Meets His Match

Monsieur Treville, Captain of the Musketeers

The Three Invincible Musketeers

Paris, the City of Dreams

Dogtanian Meets the Black Moustache

Dogtanian's Journey