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Josh Groban Wears a Blue Blazer and Shiny Black Shoes

Kathryn Hahn Wears Ripped Jeans and Black Heels

Kathryn Hahn swears up a storm; John Lennon comes back from the dead; Scott teaches the skills needed to host a talk show.

Adam Pally Wears a Navy Blazer and Bright Blue Sneakers

Adam Pally discusses his plans for the holidays; Scott premieres his new dating show; Kid Cudi introduces his new character who becomes an instant celebrity.

Jake Johnson Wears a Light Blue Button-Up Shirt and Brown Shoes

Michelle Monaghan Wears a Burnt Orange Dress and White Heels

David Krumholtz Wears a Blue Zip-Up Jacket and Grey Sneakers

Robert Kirkman Wears a Tan Blazer and Red Suit Pants

Stephen Merchant Wears a Checkered Shirt and Rolled Up Jeans

Judy Greer Wears a Navy Blouse and Strappy Sandals

Uzo Aduba Wears a White Blouse and Royal Blue Heels

Weird Al Yankovic Wears a Different Hawaiian Shirt

A$AP Rocky Wears a Black Button Up Jacket and Black Sneakers

Scott's possessions come to life and surprisingly go on an adventure; A$AP Rocky shows off his awards; Scott debuts the trailer to his new movie.

Randall Park Wears Brown Dress Shoes with Blue Socks

Ken Marino Wears a Slim Gray Suit and Salmon Tie

Tom Lennon Wears Black Slacks and a Black Skinny Tie

Mary Elizabeth Winstead Wears an A-Line Skirt and Pointy Black Boots

Carly Rae Jepsen Wears a Chunky Necklace and Black Ankle Boots

Brie Larson Wears a Billowy Long-Sleeve Shirt and White Saddle Shoes

James Marsden Wears Gray Pants and Black High-Top Sneakers

Michael Cera Wears a Yellow Collared Shirt and White Sneakers

Judd Apatow Wears a Polo and Blue Suede Shoes

Karen Gillan Wears a Black and White Striped Pullover and Coral Skirt

Thomas Middleditch Wears an Enigmatic Sweatshirt and Sweatpants with Pockets

Michael Sheen Wears a Plaid Button Down and Grey Blazer

Skylar Astin Wears Blue Jeans and Weathered Brown Desert Boots

Colin Hanks Wears a Denim Button Down and Black Sneakers

Lil Jon Wears a Baseball Cap and Sunglasses

Joel McHale Wears a Navy Zip-up and High Tops

Jack Black Wears an Embroidered Cowboy Shirt and Ox Blood Sneakers

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Wears a Heart T-Shirt and Blue Jeans