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Team Clifford

Rock N Roll Clifford

Be My Big Red Valentine

King Clifford

Little Big Pup / Getting To Know You

Dog House Rock / Guess Who's Coming To Birdwell

Little Big Pup/Getting to Know You

Dog House Rock/Guess Who's Coming to Birdwell

Tie-Dyed Clifford/Stage Struck

Food for Thought/Friends Forever

Led Astray/Wedding Bell Blues

A Big Help/The Trouble with Kittens

Flood of Imagination/Lights Out

Fishing Lessons/No Baths for Cleo

Clifford's Cookie Craving/Jetta's Friend

Who Moved My Bone/Clifford the Pirate King

Another Fine Mess/King Mac

Vaz Goes Down the Tubes/Cyber Puppy Problems

Special T-Bone/Jetta's Sneak Peek

26min - T-Bone can't resist sneaking a bite of Cleo's new dog food. / Charley attempts to serve ice cream while his father is at a doctor's appointment.

When I Grow Up/Not Now, I'm Busy

26min - T-Bone gets a new sweater. / Family friend Skyscraper Jackson comes to visit, and Emily Elizabeth worries about her size.

Cleo Gets a Cone/A Job Well Read

26min - Mrs. Diller is taking care of Susie, her sister's adorable little puppy, for the weekend. / Emily Elizabeth brings home the class bunny.

Doggy Detectives/Camping It Up

26min - T-Bone develops a crush on a visiting poodle named Mimi. / Clifford works hard to try to make Emily Elizabeth the perfect Valentine.

Princess Cleo/Basketball Stories

26min - Emily Elizabeth is going off the island for a night and asks Charley to babysit Clifford. / Fed up with his "responsibilities," Charley decides he would like to lead a dog's life.

Embarrassing Moments/Lucky Charm

26min - Clifford and Cleo misunderstand a conversation they overhear, and think T-Bone is moving away. / When two cats "move in" to the tree next door to T-Bone, the dogs try everything to get rid of them.

Big Hearted T-Bone/Cleo's Valentine Surprise

26min - Emily Elizabeth and Charley are having a hard time deciding what kind of float to make for the annual Birdwell parade. / Cleo has a hard time giving up her role as "leader" in a game of Follow the Leader.

Clifford Grows Up/Jetta's Sweater

26min - Cleo wins the honor of Fluffiest Dog of Birdwell Island. / Jetta tells Vaz that his poor soccer skills are holding back their team.

Magic in the Air/Everyone Loves Clifford

26min - Mac starts a club and tries to exclude T-Bone. / Mr. Bleakman attempts to make the park "off limits" to dogs, and makes a surprising self-discovery.

Stinky Friends/He's Wonderful Mr. Bleakman

26min - Thinking that it'll make him more appealing to Sheriff Lewis, T-Bone decides to "toughen up." / Charley gets a new telescope and offers to bring it to Emily Elizabeth's space-theme party.

Nothing to Fur But Fur Itself/Jetta's Project

26min - While on his own, Clifford learns that playing by yourself can be fun, but being with friends is fun too. / T-Bone learns that the support of good friends can help you manage feelings of fear.

Fan Mail/Hooray for Cleo

26min - On his first day at school, T-Bone worries that he won't be able to keep up with the rest of the class. / The library sponsors an essay contest for "Islander of the Year."