Stream, lej eller køb

Return of the Brat Patrol

A band of teenage misfits, ex-members of Ponch's Explorer troop, returns to help him catch a group of junior-high extortionists.

Things That Go Creep in the Night

A woman believes a comic-book monster is terrorizing her, and the only clue is its odd creator (Rich Little).

Fast Company

Fun House


Brat Patrol

Fox Trap

Journey to a Spacecraft

Country Action

Ponch cares for an orangutan, which saw a cattle rustling, while its owner is hospitalized; guests Mickey Gilley, Johnny Lee.

High Times

Hot Date

Vengeful brothers disrupt Ponch's date; Kathy and Bobby try to help two runaway teens face reality; guest Phil Silvers.

Day of the Robot

CHP personnel dread a robot will replace them; Ponch and Bobby deal with highway vigilantes; guest Melody Anderson.


Getraer's daughter (Lynn-Holly Johnson) is arrested when she is involved in a nuclear-plant protest; guest Adam Rich.

Return to Death's Door

A man (Lee H. Montgomery) blames Ponch for the death of his brother, Ponch's friend, and challenges him to a race; guest Gina Gallego.

Head Over Heels

Ponch becomes engaged to a kindergarten teacher (Beverly Sassoon) who was campaigning against drunken driving.

This Year's Riot

On temporary duty Ponch and Bobby hunt a drug dealer and mediate a dispute over a nude beach; guest Julie Newmar.

Something Special

Speedway Fever

Rock Devil Rock

The Spaceman Made Me Do It

Tight Fit

Meet the New Guy