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Chili Klaus & Marko "Markoolio" - Swedish artist, rapper, singer 🇸🇪

6min - Chili tasting with actor, singer, rapper, and TV host Marko "Markoolio" Lehtosalo from outside Stockholm in Sweden. with English subtitles ...

Women & Chili | Comedian Brian Lykke and Chili Klaus w/subtitles

8min - The Danish Comedian Brian Lykke meets Chili Klaus and compares chili peppers with women while eating a Carolina Reaper | Chili Klaus.

First Live Chili Talk w/former Minister Manu Sareen from India/Denmark

9min - Crazy evening at Nørrebro Theater in Copenhagen. I met with former Minister Manu Sareen and tried to have a cosy talk while eating chili peppers. It went ...