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Upright Man

Two Tribes

27min - Witness the hog heart day in the final episode.

Treasure Hunters

27min - It's time to be stung.

Summer Holiday

27min - It's game on, be aware and watch out.


27min - Witness her fair gentlemen in this episode.

Power to the People

27min - Why not witness the Models in this episode.


27min - There is always power to the people.

My Fair Gentleman

27min - There is nothing like having a competition day.


27min - There is always a defender of the peace.

Hog Heart Day

27min - This one is going to be about the Outlaws.

Game On

27min - It's time to witness the Two tribes.

Defender of the Peace

27min - It's time for a summer holiday.

Competition Day

27min - In this episode we witness the Treasure hunters.