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Parting Shots

The 14th deals with a cop killer on the loose.

Model Citizens

A Safe Place

A thief is found to have plutonium in his blood; the Laceys make an offer on a house; Cagney faces a birthday.


Cagney has an uneasy reunion with her brother when the detectives travel to Los Angeles to extradite a criminal---who escapes.


A lawyer who "helped" fellow Cambodian refugees for a fee is murdered; Lacey is affected by her husband's job pressures; Cagney tries to sell her car.

Exit Stage Center

The Man Who Shot Trotsky

Cagney presses an informant to get information on a drug supplier who walked away from an earlier arrest when Cagney admitted entrapping him.

Post Partum

A West Point cadet caught with cocaine refuses to cooperate with Cagney's lawyer boyfriend; Lacey's father comes looking for her---30 years after leaving her.

Family Connections

Cagney meets the new woman in her father's life; Isbecki regrets his lack of a family life; and, after a wild ride to the hospital, the Lacey family is increased by one.

The Gimp

Cagney gains insight into the life of the physically impaired when she takes to a wheelchair to nail muggers preying on the disabled.


Lacey gets help from Harvey and night-shift head Cagney to build a case against a drunken driver who put her neighbor's son in a coma.

Act of Conscience

Cagney is teamed with a detective whose name is mud after going to the press about fellow cops on the take.

The Rapist

Play It Again, Santa

Cagney and Newman don Santa suits to probe the disappearance of two street musicians; and Cagney discovers that the lawyer she's dating is seeing others.


Cagney's temporary command of the squad brings power-trip accusations from some of the men, particularly when she questions Isbecki's arrest of a hit man.

Old Ghosts

Cagney's estranged brother wants their ailing father to join him in California; a complaint charges Cagney with laxity in her pursuit of a robber.

Filial Duty

Cagney's father is hospitalized; and a murder case prompts Lacey to consider taking a desk job.

Mothers & Sons

A mother lies to clear her son of a violent robbery; and the Laceys disagree on how to handle a vandalism charge against Harvey Jr..

The Clinic

Cagney walks the line, while Lacey is clearly prochoice in abortion discussions sparked by the bombing of a women's clinic.


Cagney demands that Lacey go along with her lie that she didn't entrap a drug dealer; Isbecki betrays Petrie's confidence.


A $2 million lottery ticket is forged; Cagney lends $50 to a suspect whose property's been attached; the Laceys discuss how to use their tax refund.

The Psychic

The detectives are ordered to work with a psychic, hired by an irate man after police evidence indicates his missing wife is a voluntary runaway.

Ordinary Hero

A Chilean busboy apprehends a murderous mugger---and is apprehended himself after immigration agents see him honored on TV.

On the Street

Cagney illegally detains a pimp to protect a prostitute who implicated him in murder.