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Organized Crime

A mobster offers to help find the murderer of his godchild, a nun; everyone awaits the results of the sergeants' exam.


A lawsuit ensues when a teenage shoplifter with fake ID is raped in a jail for adults.

Con Games

While preparing her sexual-harassment suit, Cagney learns that another officer was propositioned but won't testify; Lacey becomes a decoy.

Two Grand

Cagney gets a second chance to match wits with the debonair Albert Grand, a jewel thief who made her look foolish during their last encounter.

Lost and Found

Comfortable with convalescence, Lacey considers staying home permanently; Cagney pursues the thief who stole her car.

Who Says It's Fair: Part 2

Who Says It's Fair: Part 1


Cagney thinks a stress-reduction program is a "waste of time," despite her own increasing stress following the release of a slasher who threatened her.

Rules of the Game

A fast-rising captain suggests that Cagney would do well to accept his advances.

Happily Ever After

Cagney considers marriage when Dory pops the question; a man steals a large sum of money to court a wealthy woman.

American Dream

An arson victim hints about extortion, but balks at being an informant. Meanwhile, the Laceys consider buying a house.

Out of Control

Cagney meets Dory's kids; Lacey's son ignores warnings about playing with her gun.

Lady Luck

A successful executive attempts suicide; Isbecki falls for an artist who fought off a strangler.


Dory's sponsor in a detox program is picked up in a drug raid, but the evidence disappears shortly after Dory learns of the arrest.

Thank God It's Monday

After the detectives' forgery collar makes bail they discover he's also wanted for a crime for which the statute of limitations is about to run out.

Unusual Occurrence

In the wake of questionable police shootings, Cagney draws media fire when she shoots a young burglar.

Taxicab Murders

The dangers of Lacey's job hit home when her son overhears his parents arguing about Lacey's dangerous assignment to stop a rash of cab-driver murders.

Fathers & Daughters

Old Debts

A cop killer on parole is murdered while in protective custody.


Sgt. Dory McKenna is teamed with the detectives after kicking the drug habit that ended his romance with Cagney; a captain who once worked for Samuels evaluates the department.


Tension rises with the temperature after Lacey is grabbed by an armed robber and held hostage in a sweltering boxcar.

Child Witness

A father refuses to let his child testify in a molestation case; Petrie files a complaint against two officers who mistook him for a thief.