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The detectives battle an abusive landlord; Cagney thinks she may be pregnant.


Lacey feels guilty when Cagney is hit by a robber's bullet, and angry about the attitude of her temporary partner.

Baby Broker

Emotions run high for Cagney, whose suitor doesn't appreciate her job dedication; and for Lacey, who volunteers to temporarily care for an abandoned deaf infant.

The Bounty Hunter

A cocky bounty hunter has Cagney seething as he stays one step ahead of her in their separate pursuits of a bail jumper wanted for armed robbery.

Victimless Crime

Cagney and Lacey investigate the death of a man at a porno filming site; a visiting French policeman makes overtures toward Lacey.

A Killer's Dozen

Cagney and Lacey must turn their homicide case over to a task force and patrol a beat when a strike puts all the detectives into uniform.


Cagney and Lacey investigate the disappearance of a housewife whose body is later found in a hotel catering to liaisons.

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