Holiday Special


A New Yorker gets up to something fishy; contestants must sniff out their winnings; making it ``rain'' cash in a bar.

You Got Soft Served

New Yorkers make lemons out of lemonade; sneezing on strangers; freaky frozen yogurt.

Gramp Stamped

It’s new money, old problems as our hosts entice passersby with a uniquely Broke A$$ makeover. Later, David puts the change in diaper change and contestants get bloodthirsty during a drinking game.

69 Problems

On the Broke A$$ Game Show, green means stop! After causing a traffic jam, David and Derek proposition New Yorkers to 69 each other – literally.

Ass Seen on TV

Baiting New Yorkers with a tank full of piranhas; incarcerating unsuspecting tennis players until they can spell Gyllenhaal.


Slob on My Cob

Who's Behind the Meat Curtain?

Clock Block


After celebrating 4:20 a little early, David and Derek tell New Yorkers to kiss their A$$. Then, the guys rely on the kindness of strangers to answer the age-old question, boxers or briefs?

Cash Hole

Contestants must get cash using their tongues; green in a burrito; bar patrons go on a literal pub crawl.

Blow Money Blow Problems

The guys bring their version of Vegas to the street corner, head to the park and pay strangers to experience their first “s’morgasm,” and ask people to call in sick to work with some Broke A$$ excuses.

Stiff Arm

It’s the start of a great Broke A$$ day as David and Derek make some early house calls, then dupe the public as a fake local news team. Later, they help musician Travis Mills recruit more “face book” friends.

Canoe York City

Derek and David ditch the cart and hop in a cash canoe for trivia with random New Yorkers, then convince strangers to streak in public for money.


Scaring customers at a brunch buffet; Brooklyn residents are tested on their knowledge of ``cornography''; inflating condoms.

Uptown Dunk

See-saw with a sumo wrestler; stuffing a magnet into a crotch; blowing a cockroach into a friend's mouth.