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Entre la terre et l'enfer


The Russians got the better of Jordania, who was killed in the course of the attack. But how did the maximum security safe house get located so quickly? Caplan's suspicions fall on Andréas.


Oriane has managed to work her way into Caplan's group as an interpreter. She is bent on vengeance. Caplan has his gun in his hand when the Russians launch an assault on their stakeout.

Le lait et le miel


After an assassination attempt, Jordania is placed under police surveillance in hospital. His adversary, Pavlovitch, teams up with Atom Parajdanov.


With the death of Vissarionovitch – who ruled as "boss of bosses" over several Russian-speaking mafia clans – a bloody war of succession is shaping up between the two pretenders: Jordania and Pavlovitch.

Nos funérailles

Caplan and Morlighem have intercepted a truck from a company belonging to the Russians. They uncover a major prostitution ring.


After his car blew up, Theo was taken to hospital in a critical state. Caplan and Morlighem go to Vogel's place, determined to avenge their companion. Vogel finds an ally in the shape of Oriane Béridzé, who also wants to eliminate Caplan.

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