Stream, lej eller køb


Lemoine is now in police custody and Eddy promises to assist in his escape.


Eddy and his team must find a missing suspect to avoid being compromised. Meanwhile, Rossi's wife discovers a secret safe of documents.

Tarif de groupe

The clock is ticking and there's still no money to pay the ransom. Meanwhile, a video of the robbery might identify Eddy and Theo.

Loin derrière la nuit

Eddy and Theo join in on a robbery to gather cash for Walter's release. However, what seems like a sure thing might be a trap...

L'autre rive

Unable to pay his gambling debts, Morlighem is kidnapped by gypsies. The kidnappers sent pictures of his torture to Caplan and demand a ransom. Running out of time, he has no choice but to call Lemoine.

La tête dans le sac

Vogel, the inspector of the IGS is willing to do anything to bring down Caplan and his group.

La ligne jaune


Suspected of abusing a prisoner during an interrogation, Major Rossi Vogel is interviewed by the IGS (Internal Affairs).