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The Corn Field: Part 2

The Corn Field

Death Penalty

One Week

The C-Word

21min - Thad's behavior takes a turn for the worse after he suffers a concussion making it difficult for Daniels to hide the injury from both Gilday and, the NCAA.

Fun Facts

21min - As Coach Daniels prepares to be inducted into the College Hall of Fame, Thad comes to terms with some troubling secrets from Daniels' past while Alex connects with Marty on a new level.


21min - When his pre-game rituals start to betray his game-time performance, Harmon goes on a quest to find new mystical superstitions that will restore his kicking abilities. orth.


21min - A blackout on campus has postponed the following day's game against Buckingham.

Training Day

21min - Thad offers to teach Alex what it is to be a local celebrity, but he has ulterior motives.

The Peak

21min - Alex and Sammy have a falling out when Alex plays the best game in his career and accepts it as the peak of his life.

Thad's Back

21min - Alex takes on Thad's persona as he struggles to pull Thad out of a post-suspension slump while Sammy meets the perfect girl only to realize he will soon lose her.

The Captain

21min - Alex and Thad deal with the ramifications of a pornographic photo that Thad sent from Alex's phone after it makes its way around campus.

Dic Pics

21min - While Alex adjusts to becoming the starting quarterback and team captain, Thad awaits word on his future with the team after his drug related arrest.