Stream, lej eller køb

Horns Up

A young man with a post-party hangover calls Billy when he wakes up to the ultimate fraternity prank: a goat in the house. Billy and his partner, Shaun, try to coax the ornery goat from a nacho-filled kiddie pool, and down the stairs. Then, a young family is frightened into bunking together when a scurry of flying squirrels takes up residence in their attic. Billy scraps the trap and goes after the airborne tenants with his own two hands!

Magic Show Mayhem

Billy comes to the rescue of a magician whose presentation has gone awry: his weird animal menagerie is on the loose in a retirement home and terrorizing the residents. Billy and Bea take on the chase, giving the seniors the most exciting show they’ve seen in months. Then, a northern maple syrup-maker is plagued by a skunk in his sugar-shack! Billy’s mission is to save the syrup without detonating a stinkbomb.

Later, Alligator

Billy and Terry are called in to remove a 150-pound, 9-foot-long gator from a nature-lover's pool; Billy tackles an apartment house infested with bedbugs.

I Smell a Rat Infestation

After ostriches break away from an unseasoned farmhand, Billy is called in to round up the big birds and put them back where they belong; first-time house-flippers may lose their life savings unless Billy and Tim can remove a severe rat infestation.

Reptile Rampage

Billy must rescue crocs, serpents and lizards from a suburban reptile rooming house and hand them over to a sanctuary; Billy and a local trapper attempt to remove prickly porcupines squatting in a cottage.

Sting Operation

Billy and a local beekeeper attempt to remove a honey bee nest from a terrified family's home; Billy tries to hand-catch a great horned owl stuck in a family's rural abode.

Wild Wedding Party

Billy and his partner, Terry, confront a group of wild turkeys tearing apart a country wedding venue; Billy tangles with nasty Vietnamese centipedes in a basement apartment.

Paranormal Extermination

Billy receives brutal bites from a vicious varmint running wild at a construction site; Billy enlists his reluctant dispatcher, Bea, to help him investigate strange activity at a country home.

Snakes on a Boat

Billy and his partner Derick are called in to remove slithering pests from a houseboat; Billy attempts to chase off deer-elk hybrids posing a threat to customers at a storage facility.

Henhouse of Horrors

Billy stakes out a northern farm to nab a furious beast terrorizing a chicken coop; Billy and a colleague take on powerful beavers who have dammed up a creek and washed out a local road

Canine Cage Match

Billy suits up for a battle with one of the North's most feared predators; Billy joins trapper Ben for a dawn-to-dusk eviction of ferocious early-spring squatters.