Stream, lej eller køb

Traps and Snaps (Aka Sink or Swim)

It’s a first for Billy when he’s called out to remove a South American Coatimundi terrorizing a woman’s property. But this critter’s ferocious and witty nature keeps Billy at a distance. The danger escalates when Billy teams with Gator Gary to snare an elusive gator. Caught on the wrong side of a pond, the buddies must swim the captured gator across a lake. But when the death rolls start, it’s almost fatal.

Gator Pool Party

Billy gets wet and has to get in the deep end of a pool to remove an aggressive gator from a backyard pool, but grabbing the reptile with his bare hands, is easier said than done. Before he can say catch pole, he’s off to corral a gang of raccoons who have taken over a local skate park. With his thermal camera in hand Billy has to crawl through walls to round up the gang of rowdy critters.

Snarl Slither & Snap

Billy spends the night on a stakeout for a menacing red fox which threatens the animals at a local rehabilitation center. Then, in the light of day, things really heat up when Billy and Cousin Chris find countless water moccasins on a young family’s property.

Monster Maze

A haunted children’s maze can’t re-open until Billy clears away the many dangerous creepy crawlies that lurk behind every corner. Later on, Billy is called out on a bizarre job, to search a boat for an unidentified animal that turns out to be one of the most lethal lizards on the planet.

The Big Freeze

Billy gets a call from a fencing school which is being threatened by a colony of rats. With rats hiding in every nook and cranny to pursue, he must come up with a plan to lure them out. Things get even more challenging when yellow jackets take over a little girls’ bedroom. Billy devises a devious plan to freeze the colony and remove it intact.

Roach Riot

Time to get down and dirty when Billy takes on one of the grossest cockroach infestation he has ever seen! These creepy crawlies make a last stand before Billy gets things back under control, but all is lost at the office with Donnie missing and Big Bill left drowning in phone calls.

Feathers & Fangs

Billy launches a full assault to save a Marine veteran’s home from a bat invasion. Then things get sticky when Billy takes a call for two stubborn and aggressive porcupines who have taken over a woman’s backyard.

Razor Sharp & Angry

From feathers, to scales, to alligator tails, Billy has a world of hurt to handle in this episode. Billy battles a couple peacocks that have taken over a pre-school’s playground. Then Billy lends a hand on a gator job that the clients claim it’s huge. And the icing on the cake? A giant reticulated python loose in a family home that wants Ricky for dinner.

Claws and Jaws

Billy is called to catch a tenacious red fox trapped in a family playroom. Then Billy and Ricky kick it into double-time, as they are called to extract an enormous alligator turtle that threatens a property full of workers and children. The Bretherton boys have to figure out how to move a heavyweight snapping turtle–without losing any fingers.

Catch 'Em If You Can

Billy takes on Vexcon s first ever donkey job and it’s a wild ride for Ricky and Billy as the brothers are run ragged by these wily creatures. Eventually they must resort to a tranquilizer gun and get down to business. Later, Billy takes on a master escape artist, a loose rooster so quick and clever it takes three of Vexcon s best to take him down.

Wasp Warfare

Billy and Ricky must balance atop a Baptist church as they battle a beehive consuming the brick column behind the church’s wooden cross. Once back at the office, Billy decides to have a little fun with Mom–by letting some flying squirrels loose in the house! As Donnie hides on her desk she gets an emergency call from Gator Gary who needs Billy to help him remove a gator from the runway before a circling plane runs out of fuel.

Fight or Flight

Billy battles red wasps and pine beetles; the Brethertons hire “Cousin Chris,” and immediately send him to deal with a poisonous snake.

Raccoon Cage Match

Billy investigates when three girls claim to have a monster in their bedroom; Billy and Gator Gary help a Texas woman concerned with her grandchildren's safety.

Monsters in the Closet

Billy battles a mother raccoon at a rehabilitation center, then sets out with the highly allergic Ricky to neutralize a potentially deadly beehive.

Monster in the Gulf

Billy and Ricky are on their toes, as they risk a painful demise in one of the gnarliest snake jobs ever! A house full of pit vipers, where a single wrong move could mean a lethal bite, threatens to take the guys down. Then, Billy finds himself lost in a Bio-dome, a tropical rainforest habitat, where mysterious critters have been wreaking havoc on the fish and foliage and endangering kids.

Snake, Rattle and Roll

Chivalry is not dead as a damsel in distress pulls over her ant-infested car and enlists Billy s help with this invasive crawling menace. Next, Billy gets a call from good buddy Gator Gary who needs help with a monster Gator that has been reported by the Coast Guard swimming in open water. With this elusive reptile playing a clever game of wits, can Billy and crew keep this gargantuan Gator from getting a little too close for comfort? They may need a bigger boat.