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Gators in Waiting

Billy and Ricky head to Savannah, Georgia to round up some gators moving in on the local ATV Park. The boys have their work cut out for them when an eight-foot gator just won't cooperate.

Hoarder House Rats

Billy and Ricky are called out to one of their grossest jobs yet; a hoarder house full of rats! The good news is that the house is going to be demolished so the Bretherton brothers swing a few axes as they set the bait. The bad news is that they have to collect some nasty decomposing rats in the Louisiana heat. Then, Billy must catch an armadillo on a golf course but he isn’t feeling well and everything goes wrong.

Skunks on a Plane

Billy and Ricky hunt down alligators in a children's park for a "Good Morning America" segment.

Good Morning Gators

Billy and Ricky go to the local water park and Billy takes a sudden dip to save a life when a desperate critter plunges into the lazy river. Later Ricky dances with danger as he faces off with a skunk in an airplane hangar.

Dirty Rat

Billy and his brother Ricky travel to Miami. But it’s not all surf and sun–after capturing an angry snake that’s invaded a home, they’re faced with relocating a massive bee hive threatening a family.

Suck It Up

A rat makes illegal withdrawals at a bank; a dying kitten is stuck in a wall.

Bobcat Battle

Billy and Ricky head to Charlotte, North Carolina where they find out just how vicious geese can be when you mess with their nests. Using only an umbrella for cover, Billy defends himself from a nasty aerial assault by two very angry birds.

Aerial Attack

Billy and his brother Ricky receive a little help from an old friend while battling a bobcat. And the extra hand comes in handy when a scaly surprise comes their way during the course of the job!

Furry Infestation

Billy is attacked and bitten by vicious squirrels.

What Lurks Beneath

Gator wrangling in Texas; massive bed bug infestation in Florida.

Desert Destroyers

Billy and Ricky head to Phoenix, Arizona where they face off against a herd of teeth-chomping Javelina that are terrorizing a family. Then, a close call with one of the deadliest desert dwellers leaves them a bit rattled. It’s about to get western!

When Gators Attack

An aggressive alligator in Texas bites a man's arm.