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Best of Billy

Billy takes us behind the scenes of his most memorable jobs. He’ll share just how close those close calls really were, how much it hurts to be stung by wasps, and what goes through his head when he’s inches from the mouth of a 10-foot gator.

Hole of Horror

Billy attacks a colony of yellow jackets with a new technique. And later, he’s forced to find more novel non-chemical ways of dealing with an infestation of critters that are attacking a critically ill family.

Hogs Gone Wild!

Billy, Big Bill and Ricky go against feral boars; Donnie rescues a rabbit that fell down her stairs.

Monster Mice

Things get personal when wasps attack Billy. And later Billy and Ricky team up to help a single mother with a mouse problem…and decide to test the traps on themselves!

Battle of the Bees

Billy heads out to a local business where workers have been terrorized by a raccoon that has made itself home in the ceiling above their break room. Ricky and Donnie tackle a bee job — but soon find themselves in over their heads with this massive hive and are forced to call Big Bill in for help.

Snake Bite!

Donnie is furious when she finds out Billy and his dad have rushed off to catch a venomous snake that has bitten a dog. The race is on to catch the snake and get dog to the vet before it’s too late. Later that day, Billy handles an unusual bee job for the mayor of Stonewall.

Raccoon Rampage

Billy and Ricky square off with a couple of bandits who are breaking and entering the feed barn and stealing the high-priced kangaroo food at a petting zoo. Later, Billy gets emotional when he takes care of a roach problem for some kids who have lost their mother.

Gator Bait

Billy and Ricky battle a protective mother alligator when they try to save her young from being killed by the most surprising of assassins: fire ants. Later, when Billy helps Doc Morgan out with a roach problem, he finds a baby animal in the most unlikely place.

Five Alarm Hive

In this episode it’s 911 who calls Billy and Ricky to rescue fire-fighter trainees from a towering inferno of bees at the fire department training center. Meanwhile, Caleb shows Big Bill his football skills when he fumbles an Armadillo.

Wolf Attack

Billy tries to rescue a hawk; a monster roach infestation prompts Ricky to ask Donnie for help.

Donnie Gets Dirty

Billy comes face-to-face with wolves from the Twilight films when a mischievous marauder is caught stealing their food. Later, Billy finds something much nastier than a rat in some traps he had set on a farm with a vermin problem.

Bees from Hell

Billy and his brother Ricky are called on to exorcise a swarm of bees from a Baptist Church. And later, Billy comes face-to-face with an unusual animal–one he’s never dealt with before.

Snakes in a Pool

A homeowner calls Billy to remove snakes from the debris on the bottom of his nearly empty pool. But the slippery surface and murky water combine to make this a very dangerous proposition. And later, Billy rides to the rescue of a rancher who’s losing his watering hole to a giant, belligerent beaver.

Fox Fight!

It’s a bloodbath when Billy saves a couple from dozens of giant concrete-eating rats that have invaded their home and chewed holes in walls, floors and furniture. Later, Billy walks into a house of horrors to battle a massive infestation of cockroaches and save an elderly man’s health.

Invasion of the Giant Rats

Billy tracks down a predatory fox that’s threatening a young mother and her baby girl, but can he find it before the fox gets hold of the family dog? Then, Billy and Ricky join forces to battle an infestation of angry yellow jackets that have built a giant nest in the ceiling of a family’s bathroom and are swarming anyone trying to use it.

Donnie's Snake Attack

Billy and his brother Ricky are called to remove an alligator stuck inside a metal hunting trench called a duck blind. Not only is the blind filled with murky water, crawfish and giant roaches, but as Billy prepares to grab the gator, a pair of venomous snakes catches him by surprise. It’s a series of close calls and hidden hazards as Billy and Ricky wrestle with deadly reptiles in close quarters and hundred degree heat.

Coffin of Deadly Reptiles

On the way home from church, Big Bill and Donnie agree to chase down a serpent that has invaded a friend’s house. An aggressive, lunging rat snake forces Donnie not only to overcome her snake phobia, but to do it in high heels! Meanwhile, Billy has his hands full with nearly 5000 wasps in almost a dozen nests that have taken a household hostage. It’s nearly impossible for the family to come and go without getting stung. And with this many wasps, not even Billy the Exterminator will emerge unscathed.