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Episode #2.16

Daymond John wants to relocate one of his companies.

Episode #2.15

An online honeymoon site wants to make a risky change.

Episode 2.14

The Sharks question the value of their investment in Breathometer; sock business competition.

Episode 2.13

Lori Greiner and Robert Herjavec are concerned a plush toy maker is diluting his brand.

Episode 2.12

A California entrepreneur searches for the right winery to partner with for her Bon Affair wine spritzers; Daymond John delivers some tough love about expanding Mission Belt, a belt with no holes; Tiggs Chirigua was heartbroken when he didn't get a deal for the his elegant and functional porcelain coffee mug, and is taken aback when Lori Greiner makes an offer to invest in his company.

Episode 2.11

Popcorn makers need help with expenses; a smartphone case designer needs to refocus.

Episode 2.10

Robert has harsh truths for the owners of Hamboards; changes for RuckPack.

Episode 2.9

The maker of single-serve wine cups needs a co-packer.

Episode 2.8

Episode 2.7

The inventors of Happy Feet meet with executives from DreamWorks to secure a licensing deal.

Episode 2.6

Mark Cuban goes one-on-one with winemakers.

Episode 2.5

The Sharks check in with some of their investments.

Episode 2.4

The entrepreneurs behind Cousins Maine Lobster want to expand into a brick-and-mortar space.

Episode #2.3

Episode 2.2

The Sharks help entrepreneurs make tough decisions.

Episode 2.1

Surprising outcomes of the Sharks' investments.