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Pick-Up Lines

24min - When Kaori finds herself in trouble, Maria is forced to take over the show with Hamilton and Tamura's help. Will they be able to save the day?


24min - Bob is at it again! Will Tomoko be able to wake him up in time to send her fax? Kaori faces off with guest star Naito Satoko at the studio.


23min - Shayna makes a peculiar new friend while shooting an episode of her show. Hiromi and Fanny return to the studio for a special lesson with Maria and Tamura.


21min - Noguchi runs into Carol and fears she might be drunk! Back at the studio, Maria and guest star Ace One clash. Featuring the original song "Happy Drunk" performed by the cast!


25min - Risa has trouble working with Shayna and needs help putting her in her place. Meanwhile, at the studio, Inko Sensei discovers negative reviews of "The Benza" and asks Hamilton for advice.


28min - Bob shows up for his first day of work, but Tomoko senses something's not quite right. Meanwhile, at the studio Kaori adjusts to her new role as the host of "Benza English."