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Brief Encounters

Nina must make some hard choices after secretly reuniting with Trent, while Morris calls out Phil for being glib.

Campaign Contributions

Nina discovers that Trent and the district attorney's office are involved in a plot to arrest the city's homeless.

Solitary Refinement

An old friend asks Nina to set her up with Phil. Nina goes on an ill-fated double date, while a female judge begins paying attention to Carlos.

A New Development

Nina makes a bet when she is assigned one of Phil's former defendants. Micah criticizes Phil's and Carlos' behavior in court.

Diamond Is a Girl's Worst Friend

Nina finds a new friend in a forensics analyst who takes the meaning of loyalty too far. Carlos is forced to stay with Phil for a few days.

Curry Favor

Nina insists on helping Phil win an award, and Trent brings his 10-year-old little brother to court for one week.

Rights & Wrongs

Hoping to be accepted back into the corporate world, Nina gives a speech, but it goes awry. Meanwhile, the gang struggles to fit in.

Shark, Actually

Nina is forced to compromise when her refusal to lose cases to Trent begins to clog up the court system.

Sell It

Phil tricks Nina into believing that public defenders voluntarily go to jail, while Phil and Boring Larry take Carlos out for a night on the town.

Hooked & Booked

Nina worries that she is being played, and a stenographer rejects Phil's advances because he is too immature.


Nina realizes she may need help influencing jurors. Meanwhile, Phil and Trent face off in front of a grumpy judge.


After losing her boyfriend and her high-powered job as an attorney, Nina finds that the only job available to her is at the Public Defender's office.