Episode 14: Buktu The Future

11min - After Tim Buktu’s live stream is mysteriously cut short, Team Tennyson must attempt a rescue mission and break inside the highly confidential Area 55 in order to save him.

Episode 13: Rekoil

11min - As Team Tennyson fight to stop Dr. Animo from raiding an animal shelter, Ben faces one villain more than he bargained for – King Koil, now Animo’s pet.

Episode 12: Mock 10

11min - Ben, Kevin and LaGrange find themselves stuck "outside of time" after the latter hijacks a supersonic train with a faulty engine, forcing the trio to team up and slow down.

Episode 11: De-Fanged!

11min - Team Tennyson travel to the new Laser Town VR but when Kevin cheats his way to the top, Ben must team up with former champ Fang if he is going to defeat his souped-up rival.

Episode 10: Players of the Lost Park

11min - When Team Tennyson visits Raspberry Park for some R & R, they get more than they bargained for. What they think are innocent games of chance are a revenge plot by Zombozo to steal the Rustbuggy and rob Team Tennyson!

Episode 9: Tummy Ache

11min - Team Tennyson go on a tour of the new Biggie Box Candy Store, but when Toothache breaks out and kidnaps the owner, Mr. Biggie, it is up to Ben to stop the monstrous dentist and save the candy man and his wondrous candy store.

Episode 8: Xingo's World

11min - Ben, Gwen and Grandpa Max are on the road again and are supposed to be taking in the beautiful sights but Ben refuses to put his video games away. Only the unexpected return of Xingo can spur him into action.

Episode 7: Speed of Sound

11min - Team Tennyson participate in the inaugural ride of the Sonitrain, the fastest train in the world. But when the conductor turns out to be Lord Decibel, Ben must derail his master plan if he is to save his family and the passengers on board.

Episode 6: Medieval Upheaval

11min - When Steam Smythe "time travels" his way into a Renaissance Faire and kidnaps Max, Ben and Gwen must defeat him without breaking character.

Episode 5: Sweet Tooth

11min - On a trip to the dentist’s office, Ben grows uneasy over the dentist’s odd behaviour and goes into hiding. But when his suspicions prove right and the dentist transforms into the monstrous Toothache, Ben must save the day!

Episode 4: The Hex Factor

11min - When Hex mistakes an exclusive magic club for a top-secret Wizard society that snubbed him, Ben has to figure out how to work around the club's strict code of conduct to stop him without getting booted by security.


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