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I Won't Say Goodbye

We're the Strongest

Akumano Academy Is Open

Won't You Eat a Manju?/Won't You Get in a Mixed Bath?

Are You a Traitor?/Is This a Job for Men?

I Have Lost My Pompadour/The Great Demon Lord Has Come

Black Baby Beel Grows Up

Baby Beel's First Conquest/Furuichi Falls in Love

And Then There Were No Delinquents

Komainu-sama Is Watching You

Today I'm Different on the Inside

Beelzebub's New Year's Special! Beelbeel Journey to the West!

I'm His Parent

Sorry to Have Kept You Waiting

Burn, Super Combination!

There's One Day and 1 Hour Left Until the Game

I Have to Get Stronger

Where Did the Older Brother Disappear To?

It's Time to Train

On the Brink! What'll We Do?

No Shirt, No Shoes, No Assassins

His Brother Was a Crybaby

The Sibling Rivalry Has Begun

This Man Is a Teacher

The Victory Has Finally Arrived

Time for the Game to Begin

Maids Run Amok

There Are Wounds in the Past

What Has the Transfer Girl Done?

No Conclusion Was Reached

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