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Episode #1.6

Miko brings the Baller Wives and their husbands together for a charity event that goes off the rails. Julius and Channing speak to Asante regarding his pursuit of boxing in hopes to change his mind about the sport.

Episode #1.5

Kijafa and Stacey finally sit down to clear the air, and finally resolve past issues that have divided the Baller Wives and their husbands. Emmaly reaches out to Crystal in hopes of squashing their beef that started years ago. Kelly and Julius struggle with their son’s passion to follow in Julius footsteps, and the dangers that come with the sport.

Episode #1.4

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Episode #1.3

Miko confronts Kijafa for thinking she’s Queen Bee. Kelly and Julius struggle to convince their son that professional football is too dangerous. Jeniva’s stress skyrockets when Asante needs surgery. Kijafa and Mike Vick have a gender reveal party.

Episode #1.2

Kijafa deals with her health, while Stacy has a baby shower. Single moms Crystal and Emmaly, who both recently went through rough breakups with pro-football players, battle it out as they defend their reputations. Channing and Miko face off.

Episode #1.1

Kijafa Vick calls out her husband Mike Vick after his controversial interview about a well-known quarterback sparks a social media backlash. Kijafa also reaches out to make peace with her neighbor Stacey Chambers, the alleged "stalker" and current wife of retired wide receiver Chris Chambers. Kijafa and Stacey's ongoing feud comes to a head when their two groups of friends clash hard at a summer rooftop party. Jeniva Samuel, wife of two-time champion Asante Samuel, stresses over her husband’s new dream to be a champion boxer.

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