Episode 13: Destiny Revealed

22min - Code Eve, the true power behind the Sacred Orb, transports Dan, Drago, Barodius and Dharak to a middle dimension so the final battle over her power can be fought.

Episode 12: Code Eve

Episode 11: Broken Spell

Episode 10: Gundalian Showdown

Episode 9: Dream Escape

Episode 8: Final Strike

22min - The Brawlers regroup in a secret hideout left behind by Nurzak. When they learn of Dan's capture and Nurzak's apparent demise, they decide that they must strike immediately, and make on last attempt to save Dan and Jake.

Episode 7: Jake's Last Stand

22min - Disguised as a Gundalian Soldier, Marucho and Akwimos infiltrate a troop briefing and are surprised to discover that it's being lead by Jake.

Episode 6: Redemption

Episode 5: True Evolution

Episode 4: Infiltrated

22min - The Brawlers hitch a ride to Gundalia on Dragonoid Colossus. Once they arrive, Ren announces that in addition to Jake, he would also like to rescue his former teammates who are being held captive in Kazarina's lab.

Episode 3: Genesis

Episode 2: Jake Returns

Episode 1: Into the Storm

22min - When a geomagnetic storm sweeps across Neathia, knocking out the security system's radar, the Brawlers are forced to patrol the perimeter of the Third Shield to watch for Gundalian attack ships.