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Make Partner Part 2

With more time added to the clock, the brokers scramble for last minute sales in order to lock down the partnership. Chelsea and Victoria take turns trying to sell the mansion of an old man who wants to continue living there. Amir meets with a concussed linebacker who can't remember his own name while Baxter sells to a guy with a golddigger girlfriend, and Andrew takes a shot at the lottery millionaires.

Make Partner Part 1

After a frantic race for sales the brokers finally will learn which of them makes partner. The bros deal with a home-intruder-obsessed buyer while Amir tries to sell to a couple looking to cook a very specific recipe. Victoria works with a group of millionaire lottery winners and Chelsea meets Serge & Gio.

Happy Ending

The brokers all get massages but receive far from equal treatment, which causes Glenn to take matters into his own hands. Meanwhile, Chelsea tries to sell a mansion to a popular televangelist who's bringing very specific orders from the lord.

Roger Me Rightly

Platinum receives a visit from Dean's hard-drinking, salesman friend from the old days. His roughhouse tactics clash with the brokers' style. Amir tries to sell a house to a pair of famous lesbians but Glenn's fandom gets in the way, and we meet Platinum's rival firm.


Amir, Victoria and Baxter endure humiliation after their monthly beauty regimen goes awry, thanks to Glenn. Andrew has to find a home for an intense actor who insists on staying in character the entire time and Chelsea explores a spooky basement in order to get a house to pass inspection.

Amir Is Glenn's Mentor

Inside Joke

Former foes Victoria and Baxter bond over an inside joke at Chelsea's expense. Their sudden friendship drives Andrew crazy with jealousy. Meanwhile Amir's mysterious new client shows up guns blazing… literally, and Chelsea has to sell a house to a heartbroken man.

Uncle Jerry

Dean hires a famous and sleazy photographer, Jerry, to shoot the brokers' promo photos. He tests their limits before getting a taste of his own technique. On the field, Andrew and Baxter catch up with a former college acapella chum who's looking to buy and meet a rich client who wants to sell… just a room in house.

Meet Platinum

The brokers at L.A.'s premier residential brokerage learn one of them will soon be named partner, setting off a ruthless race to the top. Meanwhile, Glenn, the new office manager tries to assert himself, and Andrew and Baxter try to sell the house of a movie star who can only negotiate when he's drunk and stoned.

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