The Road Ahead

The town of Terlingua looks to the future; residents believe the town is changed forever and worry that the culture of alcoholism could continue to tear it apart even further.

Jurors Tell All

A town hall meeting prompts residents to ask how jurors arrived at their verdict. Two anonymous jurors reveal the confusion and animosity that existed in the deliberation room.

Answers & Anger

The Verdict

A Terlingua, Texas resident is on trial for the murder of a well-known fellow resident. Remaining evidence is presented and closing arguments are made before the jury deliberates on a final verdict: innocent, murder or man slaughter. When the verdict is announced, not all residents find the closure they were hoping for.

The Trial

A Terlingua, Texas resident goes to trial for the murder of a well-known fellow resident, who was found dead outside his own bar. Witnesses tell their story and evidence is presented to the jury. The townspeople hope the trial will bring peace to a community that has become divided over the shocking incident. Meanwhile, the accused man awaits the verdict: guilty or innocent.

The Interrogation

A Killing

Locals recount what happened the night a well-liked Terlingua, Texas resident was murdered. After an investigation, a friend and fellow local resident is charged in connection with the murder. Sherriff's piece together details while the town becomes divided between loyalties to the victim and the accused.

End of the Road

The tiny town of Terlingua, Texas is shocked by the murder of one of its well-known residents when a man is found dead outside of a bar by one of the bar's employees.