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Episode 12: Babylon Berlin 12

1h 1min - As the tense thriller crime drama concludes, Litten and Lotte race to save Greta from execution. Rath confronts the man responsible for Benda's death.

Episode 11: Babylon Berlin 11

51min - Lotte's doubts about the knife land her in grave danger. Zorgiebel learns of Rath's off-the-books investigation.

Episode 10: Babylon Berlin 10

45min - A medium reveals a startling theory about the killer that puts the whole team on edge. Lotte runs into Helga and Esther makes a big promise.

Episode 9: Babylon Berlin 9

50min - Rath has an idea for how they can track down Walter. Meanwhile, Greta's execution looms and things turn violent as Rath confronts Helga and Nyssen.

Episode 8: Babylon Berlin 8

50min - Rath gets a surprise visitor as a power cut plunges the hospital into darkness. And when the lights come back on, there's another shock in store.

Episode 7: Babylon Berlin 7

41min - Vera shares a secret that Lotte finds hard to keept there's tragedy at the film studio. Then, the cloaked phantom strikes again.

Episode 6: Babylon Berlin 6

47min - Nazi thugs storm the Tempo offices. Meanwhile, Gereon investigates the list and Lotte reaches a startling realisation about Vera.

Episode 5: Babylon Berlin 5

47min - The Benda file reveals a name that takes Gereon on a mission. Greta receives her sentence and Nyssen makes a shocking confession to his shrink.

Episode 4: Babylon Berlin 4

47min - The police add a third murder to their investigation. Greta heads back to court and Lotte and Gereon attend a strange event at Tristan Rot's.

Episode 3: Babylon Berlin 3

46min - Wendt has a trick up his sleeve as he tries to strong arm Greta. As Rath hunts for a link between the two murders, tragedy strikes the film set again.

Episode 2: Babylon Berlin 2

44min - A witness steps forward with sinister information about Betty Winter's death. Meanwhile, Gereon confronts Wendt about the Greta case.

Episode 1: Babylon Berlin 1

50min - As the lavish German crime drama returns, Gereon gets sent to investigate a deadly accident on a film set. Lotte attempts to speak to Greta.