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All That Glitters

In the series finale, AMM is left in the hands of Rita, Kirby and Stanley while Arliss is soul-searching.

Profiles in Agenting

Arliss becomes smitten with Rita's friend, an adventurous sports photographer. Meanwhile, Stanley and Kirby enlist guest star Roy Jones Jr. to endorse a cooking innovation.

End Game

A former lover returns to win back Rita's affection while Arliss and Stanley attempt to lure a reclusive former chess champion back to the game.

Standards and Practices

Stanley provides college advice to his football-star nephew. Meanwhile, Arliss helps a female broadcasting client deal with network demands.

It's All in the Game

Arliss and Kirby provide support for a former client's new political career. Meanwhile, Rita seeks a spokesmodel for a specialty clothing item.

Moments to Remember

Kirby begins dating a female body-builder; Arliss provides a traumatized NFL client with motivation.

Playing It Safe

Arliss attempts to realize his gold-record dream while helping a baseball player make a tough decision.

There's No I in Team

Arliss hires a protege to Kirby's dismay. Meanwhile, Rita finds herself attracted to the chef at Stanley's new restaurant. Guests: Fabio, Kristoff St. John, John Reilly. Cameos by Jillian Barberie, Deion Sanders and Kordell Stewart.

In with the New

Arliss tries to make a dream come true for an NBA client and Stanley mentors a student project. Guests include David Garrison. Also with cameos by Bill Goldberg, Robert Shapiro, Pat Croce and Jason Giambi.

What You See Is What You Get

Rita manages a client's political passion while Arliss helps a team member find her passion! Meanwhile, Stanley's new car gets dinged. Guest stars: Keith Carradine, Cynthia Sikes, Susan Egan. Cameos by Elton Brand, Jerry Dunphy and Ray Lewis.

The Immortal

In the Season Seven premiere, Arliss deals with a beloved baseball legend and his namesake daughter. Meanwhile, Stanley must escort a boxer to his HBO debut. Guest stars include James Coburn and Lindsay Crouse. Cameos by Hideo Nomo and Yogi Berra.