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The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of

Arliss uses his professional expertise to help him win a high-powered rotisserie baseball league that Kirby urged him to join. Special guests include Barry Larkin, Tommy Lasorda and Joe Pantoliano (HBO's The Sopranos).

The Client's Best Interest

Kirby talks Arliss into launching an indoor beach-volleyball league across the country, but things blow up in his face when the players start getting on each other. Special guests include Cecil Fielder and Les Moonves.

Timing Is Everything

An innocent remark makes Arliss appear to be a racist and jeopardizes his signing of a big-time prospective client. Special guests include Will Clark, Nate Newton and Fred "The Hammer" Williamson.

Colors of the Rainbow

Arliss is tempted to represent a mediocre female tennis player after she shows him her best strokes—in private! Special guests include Alonzo Mourning, John McEnroe and Dweezil Zappa.

Crossing the Line

After a run-in with the owner of the most powerful sports agency around, Arliss is offered a huge sum of money to sell his own firm. Special guests include Alex Karras and Barry Bonds.

The Company You Keep

A disgruntled hockey-team owner offers Arliss a tempting deal if he can help him relocate, but it's nothing but trouble when the local press finds out. Special guests include Mike Leiberthal, Jim Hill and Kobe Bryant.

What About the Fans?

Arliss's dreams of a huge endorsement deal go up in smoke when the squeaky-clean pro-football quarterback he represents gets involved in a sordid scandal. Special guests include Rick Johnson, Warren Moon and Al Michaels.

Athletes ARE Role Models

Arliss's thoughts of financing a corporate jet go awry when he arranges a boxing match and one of the fighters winds up in jail. Special guests include Ray Oriel, Julio Dolce Vita and Bobcat Goldthwaite.

How to Turn a Minus Into a Plus

After a feud causes him to lose several high-profile clients, Arliss launches a full-court press to represent a highly coveted teen basketball phenom. Special guests include Brett Barry, John Franco and Hannah Storm.

Negotiating: It's Never Personal

In the pilot episode of this long-running comedy series, Arliss reflects on his life as a "superagent" during a dinner honoring him as "Man of our Times" by the Give-a-Damn Foundation. Special guests include Bob Costas, Jerry Jones, Shaquille O'Neal and Jim Palmer.

A Man of Our Times

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