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Electoral Dysfunction

Everything comes together as Jay gets Angie out of prison, and together they try to stop Eddie from assassinating Mayor Perry.

Contains Graphic Designer Violence

A graphic designer is murdered in LA, and all of the evidence points to Angie as the killer. Jay believes in his partner's innocence, but Angie refuses to defend herself.

The Coast Is Fear

En medlem i kustbevakningen mördas och Tribeca och Geils kopplar det till Mayhem Global.

Boyz II Dead

With Angie on personal leave, Jay and Danny investigate the mysterious death of a boy band member. Things are tense between Monica and Jay, while Angie finally tracks down Eddie who tells her what he's been up to since faking his death.

Organ Trail

Angie and Jay are forced to work with a romance novelist to solve an organ legging case at a local hospital before the mayor opens the new cancer wing. Meanwhile, Angie haunted by dreams of her time in a coma... and her first partner and lover Pepper at her side.

A Coldie But a Goodie

Tribeca lyckas inte skaka av sig känslan av att orsakerna till en 102-årings död inte är naturliga.

You've Got Blackmail

A hacker threatens to dump the names of cheaters throughout LA unless the detectives find him first. Only a beautiful FBI tech expert, Diane Duran, may be able to help them before it's too late.

Beach Blanket Sting-O

Jay goes undercover with the Mailbu lifeguards to discover who is giving illegal weight-loss victims to beach visitors who end up dead. However, he soon goes native and Angie has to pull him back before it's too late.

Miso Dead

Monica begins to wonder if Jay really has feelings for her, after he skips dinner with her to go undercover at a sushi club with Angie to find out who killed a sushi chef.

Fleas Don't Kill Me

After Angie comes out of a coma after a year, she insists on going back to work. Both Pritkin and Jay question whether she's ready, and Jay has a few revelations for his partner.