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The One with the Bomb

When a mad gym teacher kidnaps Jay and threatens to blow him up, Angie goes after the miscreant and is forced to confront her feelings for her partner.

Inside Man

Jay and Angie go undercover to infiltrate a gang of British robbers posing as chimney sweeps. However, when the gang gets hold of a flash drive with valuable information, the detectives have to continue their undercover work and pretend to be prisoners to recover the drive.

Murder in the First Class

An asthmatic killer smothers victims in a plane's first-class section, and the team goes undercover to find the murderer and stop them before they strike again.

Tribeca's Day Off

When Angie doesn't use her accumulated vacation leave, Pritkin orders her to take a day off. Meanwhile, Jay teams up with Danny and Hoffman to solve a golf pro's murder. Their only clue? A pair of the murderer's (golf) balls in the victim's hand.

Ferret Royale

Angie and Jay try to bust an illegal ferret-smuggling ring, but end up opposed by the Fish & Game Bureau, led by Angie's old rival Laurie Partridge.

Commissioner Bigfish

Out of an obligation to a former partner, Pritkin reluctantly orders Jay and Angie to stop looking into a prostitution ring. However, Angie doesn't know the meaning of the word "stop"... and several other words as well.

The Thumb Affair

A twin brother rolls over on his brother, an antiquities dealer, and implicates him as the thief in the case of a stolen painting. But which twin is which, and which twin is guilty?

The Famous Ventriloquist Did It

A ventriloquist and his dummy are murdered, and Jay and Angie have to go undercover as performer and dummy to get the goods on the killer.

The Wedding Planner Did It

Thirteen bakers have committed suicide in the last year, and Pritkin puts Angie and Jay on the case. However, Angie soon has problems when the trail leads to a crooked wedding planner.


When someone blackmails LA's mayor, the police send in lone-wolf detective Angie Tribeca. However, they also give Angie her 237th partner despite her bad luck with the last 236.