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America, This Is You!

The Easter Funny, Sink-Sprayer Gags, and Pathetic Athletics

A dad pranks his kids by eating their Easter candy; sink-sprayer gags; a golfer who unsuccessfully tries to dodge a bird attack.

The Teen Scene, Two-Fers, and Kids Who Stink at Hide and Seek

A little girl who wants to be a "mommy" so she can boss everyone around; kids who are bad at hide-and-seek; an influencer's toddler runs off with her camera in the middle of her video recording.

Boneheads on Parade, Weddings, and Who Made This Mess?

Wedding mishaps; a dog who's afraid of bananas; a chicken shows its displeasure for a man repairing the coop.

Influencer Flubs, Cats, and Virtual Reality

A scuba diver is pranked with a rubber snake; a cat attacks its owner every time she sings a lullaby; a little girl has a surprising reaction to getting her ears pierced.

Bicycles, Copycats, and Birthdays

Donkeys, Bonehead Brigade, and Recovery Room Ramblers

Donkeys give chase; a teen thinks her face has been removed after dental surgery; two little girls say a traumatic goodbye to their tablet.

Daddy-Daughter Time, Kids Say, and The Trouble with Shoes

Funny reactions to pregnancy announcements; a grandfather tricks a little boy into telling him what his Christmas gift is; a little girl shows her displeasure when she gets shoes for her birthday.

Episode #30.11

Ten finalists go head-to-head for a $100,000 prize; a musical tribute to golf gaffes; a woman walks while texting and falls through a hole in the floor.

Episode #30.10

A woman finds a plastic cockroach in her bowl of chips; videos featuring twins; a teen who thinks her tongue has fallen out of her mouth after dental surgery; a little girl hides under the table to prevent her mom from seeing her eat ice cream.

Episode #30.9

Gender Reveals, Magic Fails, and I Think I See the Problem

Gender reveal mishaps; kids astonished by magic tricks; a grown man who is very excited when he hears the neighborhood ice cream truck.

Episode #30.7

A woman who is grossed out by having to prepare a turkey for dinner; a little boy who is thankful for dinosaurs; selfies gone wrong; people get scared.

The Teen Commandments, Riddles, and Stuck

People are baffled by simple riddles; a woman loses her wig on an amusement park ride; people get stuck in things.

The Prank Bank, I'm Not Buying Your Excuse, and What Are the Odds?

A little girl is tricked into cracking a raw egg on her head; kids with imaginative excuses for their misbehavior; parents lip-sync to their kids' tantrums.

Things That Go "Boo!", Weddings, and Bonehead Brigade

Malfunctioning costumes; dogs get spooked by costumes; a musical tribute to weddings.

Wisdom Teeth, Stumblebums, and Sensitive Startle Reflex

Gender reveals gone awry; musical tribute to funny cats; people having funny reactions to dental surgeries; people who startle easily.

Employees of the Month, Magic, and Kids Getting Upset for Dumb Reasons

Magic tricks go awry; a dog delivers a beer to its owner and then steals his pizza; a little boy cries over his mom's haircut; birthday party mishaps.

Episode #30.1

A dad discovers his toddler has covered himself and the backseat with Nutella; a couple locked out of their house encourages their dog to unlock the door from the inside; parents trick their daughters into thinking they're taking a limo to school.