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Grandpa's Ghost

One for the Books

The Doll

Edwin's grandpa died in his sleep last night, so why is the old man still hanging around the apartment, playing the piano and swapping stories with his unsuspecting wife?

Hell Toupee

An attorney is convinced that a man's toupee caused him to commit three murders. Directed by Irvin Kershner.

Secret Cinema

Jane thinks she has lost her mind when, unbeknownst to her, hidden cameras begin filming the funny but bizarre story of her life.

Mirror, Mirror

Sam Waterson stars as horror novelist Jordan Manmouth, who is terrorized by a black-caped phantom.

Dorothy and Ben

A man revived from a 40-year coma shares mental communication with a comatose 7-year-old girl.


Sweet old-fashioned ghosts, the Chumskys, try to scare away the sleazy husband and wife that move into their home.

Gather Ye Acorns

Jonathan Quick, the bane of his practical parents' existence, takes an ancient tree troll's advice to pack up his treasured comic book collection, follow his heart and so become rich.

One for the Road

A group of 1930s barflies attempts to kill a drunk for his insurance money. Guest starring James Cromwell and Joe Pantoliano.

No Day at the Beach

Scorned by his troop, Arnold Skamp becomes a war hero by miraculously saving the lives of the GI's who has shunned him.

The Sitter

Jamaican babysitter Jennifer Mowbray uses voodoo to tame a pair of mischievous, stir-crazy boys.

Vanessa in the Garden

When a brilliant, young artist's beloved wife dies in a carriage wreck, Byron, the grief stricken husband is possessed with an incredible plan to bring her back through his art.

Santa '85

A little boy helps Santa when the legendary man is thrown in jail by a Scrooge-like sheriff while delivering presents.

Remote Control Man

A henpecked husband finds solace in an unusual television set with a magic remote control switch. Featuring cameo appearances by Richard Simmons and Gary Coleman.

Guilt Trip

Overworked and exhausted, Guilt takes a relaxing cruise and falls for Lovely, not knowing her true identity.

Mr. Magic

A once-great magician desperately attempts to regain his former expertise with the help of a magical deck of cards. Emmy-winner Sid Caeser guest stars.

Fine Tuning

Three teens discover aliens who have been raised on 1950s television. Milton Berle appears as himself.

The Amazing Falsworth

A nightclub mentalist stumbles across the identity of a strangler. Gregory Hines guest stars.

The Mission

A courageous young World War II gunner, trapped in the belly of a B-17 aircraft, faces seemingly inevitable death, with only his imagination to rescue him.

Mummy Daddy

An actor playing a mummy in a movie causes panic when he leaves the set to be with his wife, who is about to give birth. Bronson Pinchot guest stars.

Alamo Jobe

A boy delivering a message to the war-torn Alamo finds himself in modern-day Texas.

The Main Attraction

A meteor shower's power suddenly turns teen-age Brad Bender into a human magnet.

Ghost Train

While restoring an old Iowa farmhouse, Sam discovers a time portal in the storm cellar that transports him to 1919.