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43min - Ally decides that it would be in maddie's best interests to move back to new york, and so she leaves boston and the law firm to start a new life with her daughter. Fish and liza get married.

All of Me

43min - The attorneys represent a woman with a split personality: the submissive Helen, who’s deeply in love with her husband; and the aggressive Helena, who wants a divorce.

What I'll Never Do for Love Again

42min - Liza and fish defend fish's father in a wrongful termination suit because he fired his assistant after falling in love with her. Elaine auditions for a broadway show.

Another One Bites the Dust

42min - Ally represents Victor when he’s sued by an ex-girlfriend, and is appalled to discover that Victor created a painting of her... complete with cellulite.

Tom Dooley

Love Is All Around: Part 2

Love Is All Around: Part 1

Heart and Soul



The New Day

A Kick in the Head

One Hundred Tears

Blowin' in the Wind

Playing with Matches

44min - Jenny's mother prepares for the ceremony and, during this time, her fiance hits on ally. Kimmy bishop enlists cage in a lawsuit against a matchmaker who claims that kimmy is unmatchable.

Nine One One

44min - As Christmas approaches: a minister loses his job because he no longer believes in God; a town mayor cancels Christmas celebrations; a woman sues for sexual harassment after a man kisses her under mistletoe during a party.

Lost and Found

44min - Ally, Glenn, Raymond, and Jenny go out on a double date.

I Want Love

44min - Jenny's mom shows up at cage & fish for representation in suing her former employer who fired her for marrying a 22-Year-Old. Her thoughts on love offer ally a fresh perspective that allows her to feel she can date glenn.

Fear of Flirting

44min - Jenny represents Raymond in a sexual harassment case; complications arise when Raymond expresses an interest in dating Jenny and Glenn expresses an interest in dating Ally; Fish moves into the hole behind Cage’s toilet when Cage mysteriously disappears.

Neutral Corners

44min - The attorneys develop a novel approach to gain leverage against the telephone companies; Cage expresses his feelings for Ally.

Judge Ling

44min - Ally and Jenny are shocked to discover that the name plaintiff in the telephone company solicitation case is a man in drag; Ling becomes a judge in small claims court; Coretta convinces Cage to have a make-over.

Friends and Lovers

44min - The firm hires attorneys Jenny Shaw and Glenn Foy; Shaw sues all the telephone companies for making annoying solicitation calls; Cage believes Ally loves him.