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The Ultimate Shape-Shifter Shaft

Princes of Mange

Bloated Acquisition Piles

Drexx and Tuva debate whether or not Alien’s should invade China first.

Cumbersome Dongles

Viewers find Drexx repulsive so Tuva places him in a cooking segment to make him more relatable.

A Wasteland of Rehashed Dreck

Special guest, Zygel Xaxxenborough introduces the “Wallfolk”, a species hiding within our homes in plain site.

Corrupt, Bloviating Narcissists

Drexx and Tuva agree that humans are lazy, but then Tuva shocks Drexx - literally - for talking trash about lady computers.

A Very Norffy Gronksmas

A Big Moldy Space Orange

Drexx and Tuva grapple with love, doping and a very wordy segment name.

Simultaneous Vortex Exit

Drexx joins the gig economy; Tuva fights robot appropriation; Stonehenge kicks a**.

Udder Madness

Inane Utterings of a Brainwashed People

Ungrateful Wads of Protein

Drexx and Tuva probe the Royal Family, fried chicken and human arrogance totems, aka Oscars.