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Varsity Drag

ALF discovers that he is responsible for Lynn not being able to attend Amherst College, and makes another attempt to find employment.

We Are Family

A dejected Gordon (A.L.F.) wants to expose his existence to the world. Willie has an idea to help him through the crisis.


ALF assists Kate's alcoholic friend realise that she needs help.

I'm Your Puppet

ALF tries ventriloquism. The attitude of his new "friend", Paul the dummy, turns contentious - then things get weird.

Movin' Out

The Tanners may need to sell their house because Willie has been promoted to a supervisory position in San Deigo.

Hit Me with Your Best Shot

You Ain't Nothin' But a Hound Dog

A stray dog makes ALF jealous, so he gives her to the first (and obviously wrong) person who responds to a "found dog" poster.

We Gotta Get Out of This Place

Jody loses her apartment when the building becomes a condominium, so ALF tries to help her "adjust" to a new home.

Someone to Watch Over Me: Part 2

Someone to Watch Over Me: Part 1

We're So Sorry, Uncle Albert

A visit from Willie's Uncle Albert surprises the Tanners and causes ALF great distress.

Can I Get a Witness?

When a football shatters the Ochmoneks' picture window, ALF gets the blame and he demands his day in "Tanner Family Court".

The Boy Next Door

Mr. Ochmonek's nephew Jake comes to live with the Ochmoneks. The Ochmoneks tell the Tanners that Jake is a problem kid and ask their advice on how to deal with him. ALF can't resist investigating Jake's persona.

ALF's Special Christmas: Part 2

ALF's Special Christmas: Part 1

Hail to the Chief

Kate dreams that she and ALF are rival presidential candidates.

Isn't It Romantic?

Night Train

Willie and ALF hop on board a freight train in search of adventure.

Something's Wrong with Me

Oh, Pretty Woman

ALF helps Lynn boost her self-confidence by enrolling her in a beauty pageant.

Some Enchanted Evening

ALF becomes the star attraction at the Tanners' Halloween party.

Prime Time

The Tanners become a TV-ratings family and ALF decides to rig the system so that his favorite program becomes a hit.

Wedding Bell Blues

ALF joins a monastery after learning that his parents were married before he was born -- a disgrace on the planet Melmac.

Take a Look at Me Now

Mrs. Ochmonek thinks she's gone crazy when she spots ALF in the backyard. She takes her story to a TV-show and is devastated when nobody believes her. ALF decides to make things right by talking to her again.

Somewhere Over the Rerun

Working My Way Back to You

ALF is relocated to the family garage as a result of his mischievous behavior.