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King Igthorn (2)

The Rite Stuff

Wings Over Dunwyn

Eager to meet the Barbics, Cavin accompanies the Gummi Bears on a trip to Ursalia. At first, he is not welcomed by the Barbics, but he soon gets the chance to prove himself in a manhood ritual which Buddy has to undergo in order to become a full member of his tribe. However, a pair of satyr poachers are on the prowl looking for furs to line their purses and the Gummies just happen to be quite hairy.

May the Best Princess Win

Grammi and Tummi go to feed a flock of giant birds returning from their winter migration, only to be forced to protect them from Igthorn, who hunts the birds in order to use them as war steeds.

Trading Faces

King Gregor and Calla travel to the realm of King Jean-Claude and his daughter Marie to discuss an alliance against a fiendish villain, Marquis de Bouillabaisse. Sunni, Cubbi and Tummi decide to hike along. However, once more Calla and Marie initiate a competitive quarrel, which leads them right into the arms of Bouillabaisse.

Rocking Chair Bear

While thwarting yet another attempt by Igthorn to rule, Sir Tuxford is injured, so Sir Victor is called in to defend Dunwyn for the period of Tuxford's recovery. However, Igthorn soon hits upon a plan to use his likeness to his twin brother to conquer Dunwyn after all.

Tummi Trouble

When Lady Bane gets a lock of Sunni's hair, she uses it as part of a spell to keep her eternally young. Unfortunately, the spell also turns Sunni from a young Gummi Bear into an old one.

King Igthorn: Part II

Igthorn purchases a love potion from a travelling gypsy for Lady Bane, but by accident she falls in love with Toadie and Tummi falls in love with Lady Bane!

King Igthorn: Part I

Igthorn and his ogres have destroyed Gummi Glen, captured Dunwyn Kingdom and its citizens and are keeping Grammi and Tummi held in Drekmore. Now Cavin and the remaining Gummi Bears, with the help of the Barbics, must save them all, while Zummi retrieves the Great Book and warns the Great Gummies to turn back.

True Gritty

With no sign of Igthorn for an entire year, not even in his own castle, Zummi Gummi takes this news as a perfect opportunity to call on the Great Gummies, much to the scepticism of Gruffi. However, Igthorn has recently devised the ultimate plan to finally capture the Gummi Bears, obtain the Gummiberry juice and take over Dunwyn.

Queen of the Carpies

Cubbi accidentally wrecks Ursalia's water reservoir, leaving the ancient metropolis short of its most important commodity. While Gruffi, Ursa and Sir Thornberry keep bickering whilst following an ancient aqueduct to find out why the water flow has stopped, Gritty and Cubbi try to lasso and train a few rams to fetch water from a distant river. Gritty tries to get revenge on a group of mountain shepherds for human crimes against the ancient Gummi Bears and Cubbi has a hard time trying to persuade him otherwise.

A Recipe for Trouble

The bullying king of the Carpies loses his crown, which ends up in Sunni's hands, and the other Carpies promptly assume that she has defeated the king. Thus they take poor Sunni once again to Carpy Mountain, this time to rule as a queen, while the other Gummi Bears must team up with their old foe, the deposed Carpy King, to get her back.

Once More, the Crimson Avenger

Cubbi almost gives up after a defeat, but is re-inspired by a young boy's faith in the Crimson Avenger.

Thornberry to the Rescue

In his clumsiness, Sir Thornberry inadvertently releases the Spinster, an old, spiderlike menace of the Gummi Bears. When this results in Gruffi, Zummi, Grammi, Tummi, Sunni and Cubbi all being kidnapped by the monster, he and Cavin become the Gummies' best hope of escaping this monster before she makes dinner out of them.

Patchwork Gummi

Zummi has become burnt out remembering his magic spells lately, so much so that he starts casting them in his sleep. Grammi tries to become a better cook and collects a number of strange roots for seasoning. Unfortunately, a trio of gnomes needs these roots to appease an ever hungry, bullying monster and when they also kidnap Gruffi, Zummi, Tummi and Sunni to feed to the monster, Grammi decides to give him a taste of her home-made cooking.

Zummi in Slumberland

Igthorn comes into possession of an invincible magical suit of armour that belonged to an infamous villain from the past. Unfortunately, this armour only fits diminutive Toadie and once the dwarfish ogre realises its power, he simply decides to take his Dukie's place as the ruler of Dunwyn!

Toadie the Conqueror

Cubbi and Tummi witness a delegation of knights arriving for a great tournament. Sir Tuxford appears to be no match for his younger peers, so Cavin asks Cubbi and Tummi to lend a helping hand. But Igthorn using the tournament as a diversion to take over Dunwyn and a broken secret Gummi door make things much more complicated than necessary.

Tuxford's Turnaround

Grammi and Gruffi decide to trade their usual chores to find out who has the easier job. Meanwhile, Toadie and Igthorn discover blueprints for an ancient Gummi Bear logging machine, but a Gummi is needed to build it, leading to another hunt for the bears.

Friar Tum

Lured by the aroma of their daily baking, Tummi ends up in the company of human monks and is forced to protect the faithful friars from the thieving trolls. He finally learns to say no for his own good. Grammi finds what appears to be a Gummi Bear at a sideshow and takes him home to Gummi Glen, but Gruffi thinks there is something wrong with the bear. Are Gruffi´s suspicions correct, or have they found another Gummi Bear?

A Gummi's Work Is Never Done

Sunni finds an old enchanted Gummi quilt which records the old Gummi Bears' greatest achievements on its patches. In her eagerness to show it to Calla, she loses the quilt to Lady Bane, who promptly employs its magic to try to make herself queen of Dunwyn.