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Gummi Dearest

Mirthy Me

The Knights of Gummadoon

Boggling the Bears

Snows Your Old Man

Close Encounters for a Gummi Kind

Mirthy Me/Gummi Dearest

A Gigglin causes a practical joke spree in the Glen. Will this stop the dam from being built in time to stop the water from flooding in? After the egg of a griffin rolls free, Cubbi gets mistaken for the baby whilst Gruffi has to deal with the actual baby griffin, who thinks he is his father. Can Gruffi and Cubbi make the switch without facing the wrath of the mother griffin?

The Knights of Gummadoon

When the castle of the knights of Gummadoon appears, Cavin is imprisoned as a spy. The Gummi Bears only have until sunset to rescue him, as the castle only appears once every 100 years, but they also have to contend with Duke Igthorn, who plans to capture the castle.

Snows Your Old Man/Boggling the Bears

While trying to find out why winter is still persisting in Dunwyn, Sunni, Tummi and Cubbi encounter a frost giant named Chillbeard who uses a wind horn to freeze everything. The cubs wonder why Chillbeard seems immature for the Lord of Winter, wanting to play games instead of allowing spring to start. Sunni saves a squirrel-like shape changer, a Boggle, from a hungry wolf and takes it back home. But a shape-changer, not to mention a whole family of them, tends to make a rather tedious pet!

Water Way to Go/Close Encounters of the Gummi Kind

Sunni and Gusto meet a mermaid, Aquarianne, and her sea beast guardian, Finwithit. When Igthorn captures Aquarianne and uses Finwithit to attack Dunwyn, it's up to Sunni and Gusto to save her and Dunwyn. When Gusto invents a decoy to lure ogres away from Gummi Glen, it fools the ogres, but also attracts the humans, who start looking around the forest.

Day of the Beevilweevils

Tummi builds what he thinks is a bee-caller, but it instead attracts beevilweevils, insects that devour the Gummiberry bushes. Tummi and Gusto then go on a dangerous mission to locate a replacement Gummiberry sapling. When Gruffi, Zummi and Grammi go on a rescue mission to find Tummi and Gusto, they encounter talking trees who want revenge for the Gummies deserting them during the Great Gummi Exodus.

Presto Gummo/A Tree Grows in Dunwyn

Tummi wants to learn magic like Zummi. A bored Cubbi uses stunts to fool Tummi into thinking he is an actual magician. But when Igthorn captures Tummi, Cubbi must think of a way to free him. The trolls have escaped from the dungeon of Castle Dunwyn and are looking for stolen gold reserves. When they see the gold was stored in an apple tree meant as a gift for King Gregor, the trolls take the Gummi Glen Gummies as hostages.

If I Were You/Eye of the Beholder

Igthorn tries to infiltrate Gummi Glen by magically switching places with Tummi, while the bears plan Tummi's birthday surprise. Sunni witnesses an ugly witch named Marzipan banished from an adjacent kingdom at the Dunwyn border. After disposing of a kitchen ingredient that reveals her true self, the witch transforms herself into a beautiful lady who enchants all of Dunwyn, including Calla, who now does not want Sunni as a friend, and King Gregor, whom Marzipan intends to marry to steal his fortune.

Too Many Cooks/Just a Tad Smarter

Sir Paunch, a famous confectioner, visits Dunwyn. However, to the sadness of Dunwyn, Sir Paunch announces his plans to retire. Tummi, Sunni and Cubbi manage to get a hold of his secret recipe for the world-famous taffy, but they are unable to replicate it. Toadwart's smart and bossy cousin Tadpole initiates a coup d'état among his fellow ogres. Now the leader of Drekmore, Tadpole initiates a scorched earth policy against the Gummi Bears, by destroying the Gummiberry crops.

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