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Guess Who’s Gumming To Dinner?

Little Bears Lost

My Gummi Lies Over the Ocean

Tummi builds a full-sized boat, which Gruffi wants scuttled. However, out of respect for all the work done, he allows Tummi one sailing trip. This trip takes an unexpected turn when they end up on a volcanic island inhabited only by another Gummi Bear, an artist by the name of Gusto.

Little Bears Lost/Guess Who's Gumming to Dinner

There is a thief in Gummi Glen, so Zummi and Grammi team up to find the rat. Unfortunately, Zummi casts the wrong spell which ends up shrinking them to a diminutive size and they only have a limited amount of time to reverse it. After an autumn of hard work and preparation for the coming winter, the Gummies are looking forward to the holiday of Fall's Farewell, but Sunni goes overboard with the celebration in order to try to impress Calla.

For Whom the Spell Holds

Zummi finds a section of the Great Book of Gummi that contains advanced magic spells. However, this also signals to Zorlok, an evil wizard whom the Great Gummies had imprisoned in a subterranean prison, that he can find the unlocking spell to be free to inflict violence on all Gummi Bears the world over and conquer the world. To do this, Zorlok creates a monster to steal the Great Book. Zummi, Grammi and Gruffi need to track it down.

A Hard Dazed Knight/Do Unto Ogres

Duke Igthorn sneaks into Dunwyn Castle and hands King Gregor a magical egg that turns the king into a crystal statue. Igthorn then says that he will destroy the egg unless the people of Dunwyn accept him as their new king. Gruffi and Calla use their engineering skills to rebuild a mechanical knight the old Gummies made in order to infiltrate Drekmore Castle and recapture the egg. Sunni creates a growing potion while Toadie is cast out by Duke Igthorn.

The Crimson Avenger

When Cubbi claims he is serious about Calla's knighthood, the annoyed Gummies suggest he go into the forest to be a hero. After saving some people, Cubbi becomes known as the Crimson Avenger. Although Cubbi has done a good job protecting people from a highwayman trying to rob them, the thief moves into Dunwyn Castle, to get more chances for juicier crimes. This ends up causing problems for Calla, Cavin and King Gregor.

Over the River and Through the Trolls/You Snooze, You Lose

Trolls try to hijack a shipment of gold protected by Sir Gawain. Cavin pleads for the Gummies to help, as Sir Gawain is not only Cavin's grandfather, but was also the person who discovered Zummi's medallion. Igthorn puts Dunwyn to sleep, leaving only Calla, Cavin, and the Gummi Bears to protect the castle.

Faster Than a Speeding Tummi/For a Few Sovereigns More

Tummi has to clean up a big mess in Gummi Glen, but he is slow at the job. After tricking a tired Zummi into casting a spell on him, he learns that faster is not always more efficient when the spell proves unpredictable. Duke Igthorn hires a bounty hunter to catch a Gummi Bear, who kidnaps Cubbi. Things soon turn bad for Igthorn when he refuses to pay, as well as the ogres, when they attack the bounty hunter. They all end up locked in the bounty hunter's citadel.

Up, Up, and Away

Chummi Gummi comes to Gummi Glen in search of other Gummies. Cubbi wants to leave with him so he can become a knight, but Chummi's flying ship presents another opportunity for Igthorn to rule over Dunwyn. After the Gummies defeat him, Cubbi decides to stay in Gummi Glen and tells Chummi to tell the Great Gummies about the others and later gets knighted by Calla.

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