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Whatever Goes Up

Mr. Zero

The Stolen Elephant

The Prince Albert Coat

The Phony Alibi

Ed Crowley's gang has just robbed the Wentworth Jewelry Store. Schultzy Garfield pulled off the heist. Unfortunately, the authorities are unable to catch him as he is driving more than one hundred and twenty miles per hour out on Highway 201. This is truly a job for Superman, who has received a call about the incident from Inspector Bill Henderson as Daily Planet reporter Clark Kent. Acting as an impervious road block, the Man of Steel halts Garfield's getaway car, allowing the police to take him into custody. Another crime has been halted by Superman. Little does the caped hero realize that his encounters with the Crowley Mob are only just beginning.

Close Shave

Money to Burn

Disappearing Lois

The Man Who Made Dreams Come True

Tomb of Zaharan

The Town That Wasn't

Tin Hero

Peril in Paris