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King for a Day

Jimmy Olsen is mistaken for the king of a tiny Balkan country.

The Seven Souvenirs

A man with a plan lures Superman into turning an alloy into pure radium.

Flight to the North

A mountain man named Superman causes confusion when he comes to Metropolis.

The Bully of Dry Gulch

Superman faces a supposed gunman out West.

The Magic Necklace

A hood searches for a supposedly magic necklace.

Clark Kent, Outlaw

Clark infiltrates a gang of diamond thieves.

Olsen's Millions

Swindlers target Jimmy after he inherits big money.

Test of a Warrior

Superman helps an Indian complete a rite.

Great Caesar's Ghost

Murder-witness Perry begins to hallucinate.

Superman Week

Drugged Jimmy reveals the location of kryptonite.

The Lucky Cat

An anti-superstition society encounters mishaps.

The Talking Clue

The Inspector's son unknowingly aids two crooks in cracking a safe.

Through the Time Barrier

The reporters, Perry and a mobster travel through time.

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